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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:55

Due to new government could Assembly Political Crisis in Kosovo

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Analysts working in political and economic areas in Kosovo , although the government said more than 5 months after elections can be done in the country due to the inability to establish a new parliamentary election .

Priştine news: Photo Analysts , 5 months next after the making of the parliamentary elections in the country's political crisis, the government claimed that the failure to establish the direction of the economic crisis happened. The Kosovo Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Cuneyd Ustaibo , the economy is in serious trouble that participate in the view that there said parliamentary elections held that marred the image of Kosovo, the lack of formation of the government since June, but political and economic analysts , said they attend the opinion that came to the economy to a halt. Foreign investment flow has stopped claiming that records the reflection fact Ustaibo , \"I think it provides facilities suitable for investment in Kosovo. According to the figures in the latest report from the World Bank , 2013-2014 year in Kosovo , he moved to 75th rank for doing business . This is a success for Kosovo . Kosovo was already taken important strides in foreign investment in 2012-2013 . Turkey, took first place in the investments made in Kosovo in this year, \"he said . according to data from the first 6 months of
2014 , foreign compared to peers period last year Recalling that provided a 14 percent increase in investment in Kosovo Cuneyd Ustaibo Deputy Trade and Industry Minister , said that the idea that this increase will continue . Germany , Switzerland , countries such as Albania, Kosovo Ustaibo also indicates that they are investing in , I said he was doing or who want to invest in Kosovo . Deputy Minister of Cuneyt Ustaibo , the new elections , experienced not a solution to the political stalemate therefore said to be the most consistent way of finding a solution in cooperation of the party leaders . Photo evaluating the reflection of the economy's current political crisis in Kosovo Kosovo for the Turkey Chamber of Commerce Secretary General the inspiration Muzbeg , the economy as well as all institutions in Kosovo said that also affect the political stalemate . Muzbeg , \"This effect is deepened steadily. It is envisaged Kosovo when a political obstruction projects came to a halt due to this blockage. I had major infrastructure and energy projects. One of them was the construction of a new thermal power plant in Kosovo. Because this project is political stalemate nearly came to a halt. Kosovo were also registered in the closure of some thermal power plants until 2017 . up to this date he also envisions the introduction of new thermal power plant , \"he said . Muzbeg inspiration , the political stalemate now faced with delays previously noted that the delay in this calendar. Muzbeg inspiration , the decline in investment , mostly in the public sector as of now , he pointed out that the question of the direct effect in the private sector operating in conjunction with the public sector . Muzbeg also said, \"In the longer term foreign investors in a negative message given and currently some investments can be made and some of the projects followed the next period, leaving the question of the establishment of the government. Which will bring a certain delay. This delay in 2015 is not found you as soon as possible solutions will reach serious , \"he said . Muzbeg , ensuring political stability in Kosovo on track for a moment before sitting of the economy and the political stalemate has argued for an end .

Due to new government could Assembly Political Crisis in Kosovo" comments for.


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