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  • 29 Temmuz 2013, Pazartesi 16:33

DVDs confuse the 300 gb is a mess

DVDs confuse the 300 gb is a mess
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Jointly issued by Sony and Panasonic, this product caused great excitement in the world of technology.

CD and DVD 's now a technology obsolete is seen as . SSDs store a lot of information and can be reached from anywhere in the cloud solutions. However, Sony and Panasonic seem to want to change this situation.

today announced partnership with Sony and Panasonic, at least officially appeared in the work on DVDs with a capacity of 300 GB . DVDs will notice it comes to technology, a new generation of technology and that there is nothing to do with the old one, it added. At least 300 GB drives are touted as the maximum dimensions of is a definite information about.

In general, considered to be used by professional products and companies discs can also be purchased by end-users will be the case anyway. Mass production in 2015 is still being developed disks to begin and be released said. Therefore, as of 2015, the new generation of optical discs start and the number of such discs will increase much more I can say.


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