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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 10:54

Each year, 1.3 million die in traffic accidents

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Mersin Police Department Traffic Control Branch teams , depending on the Eid al-Adha measures has increased its controls .

Mersin news: At first the bus station and the city entrance and exit as well as many point practicing teams, both car and driver is checking as well as traffic accidents causing reasons to citizens brochures explains.
Feast of Sacrifice so that traffic teams, the city almost every point applications began to . In particular, the input and output bus station in the city with the team that practices every hour, on the one hand when checking documents of vehicles and drivers , but also doing informational brochure . Under controlled Adnan Menderes Boulevard Square in front of Fenerbahce teams practicing almost every vehicle checked by stopping the paperwork . Documents are complete and seat belt wearing drivers thanking the team , accidents causing issues distributed leaflets .
\" SHORT DISTANCE EVEN wearing the seatbelt should \"
application related to reporters the Traffic Control Commissioner Amir Karim Memorial branch Team , made ​​as part of this application measures Feast of the Sacrifice , he said. On normal days too many points practices they do but currently practices at maximizes emphasized that the Memorial \"Day at certain times on various topics, applications have . Controls, next to our various informative brochures we distribute . Feast and normal life that may occur in accidents What resulted from that drivers are trying to convey . Particular speed and close follow from doing , tired and careless way means not to use drivers say. while driving cell phone should not be used in short distance though fastened his seat belt recommend that , \"he said .
\" WORLD EVERY YEAR 1 < strong> 3 million people in a traffic accident dies \"
in Turkey, most traffic accidents of the cause of excessive speed that underlines Monument, \"an accident nearly half of the more than speeding occurs . worldwide annually in road accidents 1.3 million people died , 50 million people are injured . While speed is 90 miles per hour until you press the brake pedal the vehicle 25 meters in one second is on its way . Cruising the viewing angle of a driver at speeds of 40 miles hour at 100 degrees , and 30 degrees at speeds of 130 kilometers hours . 80 miles at a rate of an outgoing passenger in the vehicle 30 miles to the prospect of losing his life in an accident at a rate 20 times higher than those in the vehicle . Resulting in death every three traffic accidents, one of the extreme speed comes from , \"he said .
Seat belt on citizens stimulus Monument, \"Seat belt use in traffic accidents, the loss of life and serious injury probability of 40 percent to 50 percent decrease. Wearing seat belts on all seats in coach are required . In the back seat of the car is a legal requirement to wear a seat belt . Please let us obey the traffic rules , especially on the Feast of Sacrifice . Because most accidents occur during this period . Excessive speed , as well as close follow-up , overtaking incorrect , careless and insensitive use of the vehicle is causing traffic accidents , \"he said .

Each year, 1.3 million die in traffic accidents" comments for.


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