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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:23

Eagle Kazim, Grave Remembered

Eagle Kazim, Grave Remembered
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Located in the National Forces in the organization depending on the Captain Yahya War of Independence \"of Kartal Kazim nicknamed\"Ibrahim Golebia is , the death of his grave was commemorated at the beginning of the year 54 .

İstanbul news:
National Forces organization , Yahya , who served as connected to the captain and poet Nazim Hikmet's \"Forces Nationalist Eagle Motif Kazim \"as Abraham Golebia is termed , was commemorated with prayers at the grave in the 54th of his death . Pedestrians on the commemoration at the cemetery Eagle Mayor Op. Dr. Altınok Self, municipal managers and was attended by many citizens Kartal'l . Photo Eagle Mayor Op. Dr. Altınok Self , stating that they heard of Kartal gratitude to Abraham Göleber known as Kazim, \"to get rid of the Fatherland , integrity and enemies of Kartal due to the services they perform for the liberation of occupied Kazim greater our appreciation , we have a greater gratitude ,\"he said . < Br/> President Özer , \"We do not lay claim to our past , we do not know whence we came , and under what conditions we can not lay claim to the future of this country if we do not know if recovered ,\"he said . Photo Eagle Mayor Op. Dr. Altınok Self, in Karaman in accidents at the mine in relation to trapped workers , said it was difficult working conditions of the miners .
President of Oz, \"as one of our writers'If they're going to warm up dying , ısınamayal'm better. We on the life of one we want to upgrade our own standard of living , \"he said .

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