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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 12:42

Early diagnosis of Alzheimer Important

Early diagnosis of Alzheimer Important
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Denizli State Hospital psychiatrist Dr.

Denizli news: Denizli State Hospital psychiatrist Dr. Taner miller , Alzheimer's disease is one of the most common dementia , said early diagnosis is important , he said.
of Alzheimer's disease , the most common symptom onset recurrent expression that memory defects psychiatrist Dr. Taner miller , the disease is one of the most common dementia , and 50 years since gradually in both sexes may arise in relation to the genetic said. Of this disease in all races and all kinds of educational , economic infrastructure may develop disease and the most frequent occurrence of evidence of recurrent memory defects stated that the miller , \"People these defects is aware of but does not negate . After a while the nearest and the environment is recognized by . At this stage, for applications made early diagnosis may be made. early diagnosis of the disease and treatment progress for the control is important, \"he said.
miller , Alzheimer's disease, a person's past gained information while maintaining the newly learned information and forgetting the reason , noting that symptoms of the disease on said:
\"memory , thinking , reasoning, time and place appointed , reading comprehension, speaking , simple daily tasks such as making function disorders , decision difficulty , the word failure, thoughts completion as a difficulty have difficulty . mental functions flaws in time the patient alone daily may be impossible to survive . This washing of patients , living activities such as eating mandates are met by someone else . Changes in personality and behavior may also occur in some patients . In the later stages of the disease , patients can leave the house disappeared . Edemeyip distinguish between day and night at midnight dressed up and go out of the house may want . In vision , taste and smell losses may occur . \"
\" simple words and short sentences USE \"
Alzheimer's patient care in many of the difficulty pointed out that the miller ,\"If you get mild and gentle tone of voice . With a person with Alzheimer's disease as a child as he or she is not there to talk . Appeal by him . Thus can his attention before speaking . Anger and agitation for signs carefully. In such a case the patient's interest kindly help or try to pull in another direction . Choose activities and appealed to people you always try to make at the same time of day . In the early stages of the disease-associated memory impairment in order to cope with the list , notes , calendar, reminders , use the next period as patients may not benefit from these factors becomes longer . People constantly day, month , and year can be reminded . Remember to create problems for the depressive mood reminder of the photos and articles on the sheep . Again the room type their names or pictures about the place , \"he said .

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