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  • 15 Aralık 2013, Pazar 13:08

Ease Laser Gum Disease

Ease Laser Gum Disease
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From industry to the medical industry in many areas of laser technology to make life easier, much input into the mouth.

İzmir news: From industry to the medical industry in many areas of laser technology to make life easier, much input into the mouth. In particular, the dentist's chair seat, afraid of great importance for the laser treatment, bloodless and painless treatment leads the way.
Inside the mouth, in the treatment of started to use the laser treatment, especially dentists who fear bloodless and painless surgery chance to know. Nowadays conventional lasers are used as an alternative or addition to the gum treatment. Some people in the mouth and on your lips too often after that came a pale Chalabi Clerk Izmir University Faculty of Dentistry Periodontology EU E C circulation, Asst. Assoc. Dr.. Mehmet Saglam,"in the mouth that after intense pain causes the patient's daily life is affected. Likewise herpes too. Especially once the place where the continuous interest and the patient uncomfortable. Such patients also laser applications by making the patient's pain also reduce, as we work done again in the same area after or pale emergence showed. Laser treatment of herpes people with those areas a more pale emergence proved,"he said.
Clerk Izmir Celebi University, Faculty of Dentistry, Periodontology EU E C circulation, Member Dr. Mehmet Saglam, hand tools used in conventional treatment, dental calculus from the root surface of the tooth, bacteria and toxins out of bacteria and inadequate in reaching some areas of the teeth, he said. Dr. Scott,"diseased gum tissue precisely and effectively Curetting classic with hand tools can be made. Calculus cleaning, periodontal disease treatment and root planing in the laser technology in a short time, a more comfortable way possible. Lasers the diseased gum tissue to fully and effectively can be lifted. Thus, an improvement can be achieved faster and more successful,"he said.
with gingival hyperplasia that occurs for various reasons, such as removal of benign tumors, gum surgery processes more successfully treated with lasers stated that Dr. Robust, laser treatments done in less pain and less bleeding during the operation, he said.
Asst. Assoc. Dr.. Mehmet Saglam, laser operation can be performed with local anesthesia rather than just superficial anesthesia, this situation made the treatment more comfortable for patients with fear of needles can offer announced. yrd.doç.dr.sağla I,"Laser therapy with patients following less pain and swelling composed and sewing without having to faster healing can be achieved. thus postoperative patient comfort to the next level çıkmaktadır.ayrı of gum from operations applied after laser biyostimülasyo, operation developed after pain, edema, and other complaints is decreased,"he said.

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