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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 10:44

Eastern Black Sea Region, Copper and Zinc Rich

Eastern Black Sea Region, Copper and Zinc Rich
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Eastern Black Sea Region, copper, lead and zinc mines in terms of Turkey's richest was noted .

Trabzon news: Eastern Black Sea Region, copper, lead and zinc mines in terms of Turkey's richest was noted .
Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) Rector Joeloj department faculty member Necati Lint, Turkey's copper, lead, zinc, more than 75 percent of production had brought from the eastern Black Sea region . Minerals produced in the skin , rich in explaining Lint, said:\"However, Murgul for many years operated the mines arrived towards the end we see that. Around here in studies of some new reserves are found , but the tenor of the lower portion being operated . Them , as well as Doctor Hill gold and copper together where the mines are . however , EIA reports of problems in the result of long-run could now run awaits . westward when we go near Giresun important mines there and they were a big part of being operated or is about to run . Farther west Globes , Kastamonu'we have a very important copper mine . Consequently , copper, zinc, lead , when we look in terms of Turkey's important here are the metal-producing beds . them out of the gold deposits are also important . \"our
Eastern Black Sea region , especially after 1984, the low-grade high reserves of gold deposits operated proceeded with explaining Lint, continued as follows:\"The Eastern Black Sea Region geological structure as the gold deposits to comply with the search for this party shifted . Especially in foreign companies , mainly methane was an important contribution in the search . As a result, our region Mastıra the gold-bearing, Gümüshane vicinity formerly known. \"Gold and silver years ago operated explaining Lint, said:\"Mastıra in a major gold mine was found and that mining in a significant way exploited , maybe now towards the end is approaching . In another bed was detected reserves of their work is done. İspir studies have reserves in the valley , so maybe additional reserves are found in searches can be operated drilling . There are in the region of Fats . There are places that can be found in our region gold . In this issue, except for what the search continues . \"
WORLD valid method of cyanide SEARCH
taking the necessary measures in case of cyanide and gold exploration on the environment an important loss would not be noticeable hairless , words said:\"at the moment the only valid method when we look at the economic cyanidation method that is used around the world . So measures , taken after a very important it does not hurt the environment . Because it is done entirely within a closed system . As a result waste is collected in pools of nitrogen and carbon in the air is given there . Thus cyanide compound as a hazardous material , so no harm to nature . However, if a big accident can be , for example dam collapsed in the earthquake zone . Pool while technically all measures are taken . Of cyanide in gold exploration tremendous response occurred at different points in Turkey , was also good , because it measures the environmental sensitivity allowing the legalization endorsement regulations . These types of activities that will be held in our country after years of ongoing activities in accordance with world standards in technology has helped in the realization . So God has bestowed on us that we need to use these natural resources . On the one hand we have to watch your surroundings is also sensitive . Little things that arouse public awareness in Turkey as well as the necessary precautions are taken . In the current business I do not think it would be a nuisance . Summary speaking cyanide as many matches after an earthquake, no significant damage . \"Potantiel HIGH ON CEMENT RAW

cement raw material in Trabzon indicate the presence of a large potential to Hairless , is about to be installed where the factory is open to debate , said:\"Cement raw materials in the region of Trabzon lucky . For example, from Hacımehmet Arakli or can use different materials from different places . For that reason, there is potential in the region of Trabzon . Where's the point of the cement factory would be ideal if it really an issue worth discussing . Because of various factors , such as transport should be selected considering the most economical place . Besides this, I also have to think about the environment . Now I'm here in this factory opening the following message I want to give , \"he said .
Trabzon's actually a very beautiful historic city is describing Lint, finished by saying:\"But today, when we look at those old historic beauty give importance to our middle. Hence my desire is that all . So these Değirmendere is designed as a green valley of the valley like a European city, the mood here . There are nice picnic areas, boating Değirmendere people who would go to sea , I would imagine such a Trabzon . Hopefully they will in the future I trust our mayor personally . He's gonna make you think this is beautiful . \"

Eastern Black Sea Region, Copper and Zinc Rich" comments for.


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