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  • 24 Haziran 2013, Pazartesi 09:57

Easy Ways to hair and makeup Renewal

Easy Ways to hair and makeup Renewal
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T of the invitation to participate in the glare preventing one night at home without much hair shiny and makyajınızda able to do simple touch-ups. Here are the paths.

makyajınızda touch up your hair and you want to make the workplace

, such as the option to start over and do not peel. The least amount of make-up and hair designers from leading a dignified image of the material may change how we asked for a live appearance.


Retouch, Home Başlayandır

makeup in the morning light later in the day if you can reduce your risk of disordered dispersion. Therefore, moisturizing make-up, wear or light-colored Start at one end of the back lash mascara brush apply a double feeder-thus applying the second layer of the mascara last longer. Finally, apply a light pink lipstick."Megan Fox's eyebrows make-up artist who maintains Tonya Crooks,"do not forget to put in your bag to make up for the evening,"he says."If you want to collect the highlight lips, dark lipstick, eyeliner and dark gray eyes, if you want to collect the beam, in order to avoid the glare of your skin with a translucent powder brush on one end and an eyebrow pencil."

Revive your skin color

Crooks, a long lunch, the evening will also participate in the invitation to inspire even the basic image, which blends away clean and healthy looking, she says. The first thing you need to build, hide imperfections. Oil-absorbing feature, the brightness of your skin, remove a thin tissue paper. Your skin is dry, clean foundation on your face with rose water with the help of a makeup sponge re-publication. Skin blemishes and dark spots, light reflecting off a cream kapatıcıyla, cheeks gently apply the cream blush and translucent powder, put the last point.


Evening Eyeliner

Make-up artist Eugenia Weston, highlighting their eyes at night say that the easiest way to use eyeliner."Use a cream liner, easy to dry the liquid to be driven carefully Unlike liner'ın cream liner, creamy structure allows you to play on."Kalınlaşacak a thin eyeliner brush to gradually pull the line through the eye lid, if you can do the tail of the cat's eye.

"and fill in your eyebrows eyebrow pencil or eyebrow brush upward scan. If you want to collect the emphasis on the eyes-you can choose to do that, nor even in dim light at restaurants, extremely convenient to draw attention to the eye-dark brown, eggplant purple, espresso or a light color you can choose. If you want to get heavy mascara, mascara fingers lightly wet the lashes are driving the advance continued to soften. After drying, a fine-toothed metal comb the lashes apply a new coat of taking the help."

Emergency Hair Design

Stylist Lia Dominguez,"curls oily, dry shampoo your hair thoroughly scrub the roots and tighten,"he says. (Dry shampoo to your hair, to give shape to provide the necessary capacity and flexibility.) With the help of a thin comb the hair on your head, and four-wire buckle Emboss to give shape to your hair bun.

High Style

Hair designer Christopher Dove,"after work, brushing your hair thoroughly Barbie-style, top ponytail if you look young and fun,"he says."At the same time, in the back of your hair will give you a nice fold."Final tip:instead of brown or black buckle blouse, clothes, shoes or çantanızla stay in the same color, choose a fabric buckle.


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