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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 13:14

Ebso of the Energy Industry \"Affirmative Action \"Lead

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Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO ) Chairman Ender Yorgancılar , natural gas and electricity hikes announced that due to the exchange rate increases announced that it is high .

İzmir news: Noting that industrialists expect difficult times Yorgancılar, industrialists'positive'discrimination was proposed . Yorgancılar, \"EBSO a new way to recommend . Recommend , and external competitive forces to prevent loss of the informal economy to combat both clustering strategy for the potential to increase the organized industrial zones ( OSB) within the business of the energy hike exempted from is . OSB in the industry to be provided to these advantages, production, employment and exports , the contribution given by the more than pay you back , \"he said .
natural gas and electricity hikes then made ​​an assessment EBSO Chairman Ender Yorgancılar ,\"Foreign exchange gains made ​​due to the announced rise of the rate has been very high , \"he said . Time the high rate of price increases by delaying the interest Referring to Yorgancılar, \"These developments in the economy, a new negative spiral will create . Because increases in energy costs before inflation will increase that interest rates rise would trigger . The other hand, rising inflation wage demands pulling up labor costs will increase . Thus, the energy , and finance as well as labor costs that will increase industry internal and external markets to compete will be forced . Manufacturers difficult times ahead, \"he said .
in such an environment of foreign exchange gains of industrial products for export advantage would often emphasized attention Yorgancılar, \"such comments when to be very careful . although in recent months in exchange rates experienced an increase although in 2013 from August to January period, according to the PPI-based real exchange rate in 2014 same period of 7 per cent declined . so in last 8 months established exporters an advantage not disadvantage brought . Moreover energy prices after an increase in side effects and almost closed exporters of the Middle East market and a declining euro will have to live with . These developments rather than domestic manufacturers will re-direct you to more imported inputs and thus the net national value-added of exports will be reduced. Conjuncture Finding new ways requires , \"he said .
Such a difficult environment both in production and exports as well as millions of business offering industrialists positive discrimination , which calls EBSO President Yorgancılar, \"EBSO to the public a new way wish to suggest . Our advice to prevent loss of power in both foreign competition and to combat informality as well as the potential for clustering strategies of enterprises in order to increase the energy of OSB is exempted from the hike . These benefits will be provided to industrialists in OSB production, employment and exports more than given by the contribution shall repay . This topic sympathetic hope that our government , \"he said .

Ebso of the Energy Industry \"Affirmative Action \"Lead" comments for.


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