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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:46

Ecevit said in Edirne Provincial Assembly

Ecevit said in Edirne Provincial Assembly
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Republican People's Party Member of Provincial Assembly of Edirne and CHP Group Deputy Chairman Erdal Akgun, took the floor on behalf of the group outside the council meeting agenda Bulent Ecevit said they respectfully commemorate the 8th year of his death.

Edirne news: Photo CHP Group Deputy Chairman Akgun, Republic of Turkey 5 times prime minister who , Turkish political history is the most important , honest , honorable, who believe in the name of republican values ​​and advocates said they do not forget the 8th year of the death of Bulent Ecevit . Ecevit voicing important trace left of the Republic of Turkey Akgun, \"he Ecevit that ,'Democracy sine qua non is to individuality', saying the Turkish people in the heart and the language of'Karaoğlan'took place with the nickname. Once upon a time ,'Our hope Ecevit saying masses dragged after him.'soil functioning , Download uses water'said , based on the production of our farmers , tobacco, the imperialist powers in products such as poppy,'we do not want another gift not Shadow lyrics belongs to Ecevit. to ensure that the search of the rights of employees cutting and securing strike-Lockout Law'the enabling it to extract , social rights and architect of freedom ,'We nationalism , opium poppy , Thrace, sunflower, Mediterranean blue waters , Cyprus, Five Finger Mountains, we wrote'The nation's Karaoğlan defining words, \"he said.
the CHP Group Deputy Chairman Erdal Akgun, Bulent Ecevit in 8th Karaoğlan respect of the death of love and mercy moment they said , \"we call you invest in the light of God \"gave expression to the place .

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