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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 16:35

Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci:

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Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci , \"from May to June in inflation I think we will start to see better results ,\"he said .

Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci , \"from May to June in inflation I think we will start to see better results ,\"he said .
Minister Zeybekci April inflation data , inflation on a monthly basis 1.34 percent on an annual basis , so 9:38 is the show , said:\"Year-to-date until the last four months, almost 5 percent increase in the CPI reached durumdayız\"he said. < br/> These figures are not a cause, a result seen as representing the Minister Zeybekci said:
\"in December, both domestically need abroad occurring economic and political developments a result . especially exchange rates and interest rates rise in a result . this results in December burning started and partially extinguishing the fire smoke as possible to see . March 30 elections before being brought under control this fire is now extinguished eve. market from the inside of the market scrutinizes it as one clearly can see . May and from June inflation better results begin to see I think we will . Moreover , the Central Bank's also in the past week since May, in inflation from the peak down-turn would begin had expressed. \"
Turkey's economy in December and in the aftermath of a big test now the Minister emphasized Zeybekci said:
\"This test successfully have survived . Of course ; There will also be a side effect of this struggle . Inflation is one of those side effects . But at this point I especially would like to express the following . Today we're talking about high inflation that started in December as a result of a process of exchange and interest rates . So we're currently talking on the results . However , future-oriented variables , such as interest rate and currency levels , from inflation to our economy more efficient , more important. In other words, inflation ; today for Turkey's current account deficit is more important than growth and unemployment . If we keep interest rates at high levels ; this , pull up our production costs will weaken our competitive advantage . On the other hand the same high interest rates would lead to an appreciation of the TL for the second of our competitiveness will be hampered. Turkey's economy, should stay away from these two problems . For this, the current level is higher than the value of TL should reach . Central Bank of improvement in the coming period considering supporting them think that they will make decisions . Never dynamism and competitiveness of our economy not looking wolf . Our goal is not to be lower than TL . £ what you're overvalued , nor would he lose value . But in this case , our industry , our competitive advantage in innovation businessman , in R \u0026 D , design and brand can give weight to look . That's why interest rates and the value of TL for our exports , for our growth , our current account deficit much more important. We have left behind the first 4 months of the year . I can say the following with clarity . Our exports of goods and services should have a pretty good future of our growth rate in Q1 . This performance throughout the year , move on , we'll get the results on the estimates of international organizations . \"

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