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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 23:21

Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan:

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Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan,"Unfortunately, we lost in Izmir EXPO.

Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan,"Unfortunately, IR EXPO lost in Izmir. C we have to get right. EXPO We did not lose by actually lost me,"he said.
Minister Zafer Caglayan,"Young Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) Ankara Branch Family Business Panel"joined. MÜSIAD Family Business Panel in the description found in the waterfall,"us during our company's coffers boss's cell was. These companies establishing his most intelligent and most accurate people thought it was. During this period Turkey has gone through. Held companies therefore have a longer life failed. Capital accumulation did not do,"he spoke.
90 after coming into the world of Turkey's past know who said Caglayan said:
"Constitution book was launched thence was in crisis. Constitutional book a fault does not exist. because Turkey darlin backed, got stuck. because Turkey ' of public debt to national income, 75 percent of it was. collected in Turkey every 100 pounds of tax 88 pounds of debt interest was going to. Turkey managed well did not. budget deficits of the national income of 11 percent was. One night we 7 percent thousand interest we lived. 94th year in the night lying We were rich up in the morning, we were all impoverished have. Today, the crisis are challenged."
exports to Europe last year, 38 per cent until the fall, adding that the waterfall,"exports to Europe by 38 percent until the fall in an environment where the world's exports of the major contributors 2nd became a nation. Turkey in such a crisis their market is dependent crisis in Europe taking place in Turkey to do a serious crisis entered into should. the old systems if it were. Simply the palm rubbed some ones that were, but get nothing did. Today public debt in the 28-member European Union's 24 countries less debt we have. Turkey's 10 years ago, the total debt of the national income, 75 percent were. Today Turkey's total public debt to national income only 36 percent is. Our entrepreneurs, trade our system, our structuring to reorganize when we need are going through. During this period the family business importance of a lot more is revealed"found expression.
in Turkey today, 100 companies brand value of 31 billion dollars pointed out that the waterfall, global brand, which has become the Coca Cola 's brand value of $ 60 billion, $ 87 billion of Apple's brand value, Samsung's brand value was $ 50 billion, he said. Caglayan said:
"In the world of many companies hundreds of billions of dollars losses been trying to reduce. New structure behind stayed. Around the world now a billion dollars in revenue that eight thousand companies, while our country than a billion dollars more revenue with only 30 units There are companies."
of Izmir, EXPO 2020 ' of 2 round of voting that eliminated the Caglayan,"Unfortunately, IR EXPO lost in Izmir. C our condolences. did not lose the fact that we lost to me EXPO"he said.

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