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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:38

Economy Minister Zeybekci Joins the opening in Kilis

Economy Minister Zeybekci Joins the opening in Kilis
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Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci , \"The whole world in crisis rages almost zero growth while the European Union , Turkey has grown at an average of 12 years since the top 5.1 percent each year ,\"he said .

Kilis news: Photo Small Holding group company of trichothecenes with knitwear manufacturing facility at Elyaftriko in Kilis Olea Hotel's Economy Minister came to the church for the opening Nihat Zeybekci , in his speech held at the program's investment in Kilis is important, of Kilis economy expressed will be strengthened with this investment , \"We have made 1 million 200 thousand citizens, our job in the 12 months up to August 2014 to 2013 in August . it was insured . until 2014 in August 2009, 6 million 500 thousand persons in the Republic of Turkey in Turkey we do citizens have jobs. as a registered , the European Union, for the same period in 2008 2013 , when the total number of employment over 5 million , we employ a number in the world, with an increase to over 6 million . in Auction speed , the whole crisis rages in the world European Union while almost zero growth , since 12 years on average, grown on top of 5.1 percent each year in Turkey . until today, since the 2008 crisis , Turkey is a from the last 19 quarters . so three separate periods with 19 grew an average of 5.8 percent since last quarter , Turkey has achieved all objectives in the medium-term program. Looks like we're gonna maybe catch some exports , but we want to see Turkey is one of the best indicators . Turkey's exports to imports ratio as of last October last came to 68 percent . Coming to 70 percent. imports covered by exports, when we look at tourism overseas contracting revenue from income and for him in Turkey have put medium-term program in the ratio of 6.4 compared to national income as 6.4 percent deficit of the current account by the end of 2014. The whole world financial institutions, credit rating agencies, IMF, which seems , the World Bank, \"Turkey fasten 6.4 percent , we will applaud you standing .\"So Turkey Do you know what he was able to reduce the import toss exports excluding crisis first time in history the first time in Turkey , \"he said .
Turkey's economic development and growth as well as it performs Zeybekçi Minister emphasized that \"Turkey is pulling down the current account deficit by 35 percent compared to 2013 in 2014 . What do you mean you know this ? Turkey means no need of the craven , Turkey's merde means not even need . Especially when it drops below 5 percent of Turkey is nothing to worry from Turkey. Look, they do all kinds of disaster scenarios on Turkey. Everything they say . Why is that ? Because Turkey is becoming more . In May 2013, well below the European Union average of Turkey came to mean interest . 4.6 percent in real terms but came to zero interest rates. IMF shut down their debts , \"he said . Photo Small Holding Board of Directors The Chairman Hema young , in his speech at the opening ceremony of the Elyaftriko production facilities , \"the Kilis and need employment need in the region , we are very excited about the added value we create economically. Turkey's success as a result of trichothecenes in parallel with the growing potential of the exhibit , Kilis a new production facility , we decided to more established. Istanbul , Bangladesh and our investments in Batman adding a new one , we are happy to bring this modern production facilities Kilis . With our investment in this new Kilis, trichothecenes as we aim to achieve at the end of 2015 , total exports of US $ 60 million . We plan to target this export figure of US $ 20 million to carry out our production facility in Kilis . Products will be produced in factories in Kilis first to be exported to a total of 6 countries including Europe. Initially, our factory which employs 200 Kilisli young , will provide jobs for 500 people goes into full production . As trichothecenes , including our new production facility in Kilis total number of employment reached 2000 . Set by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Turkey for $ 500 billion export target in line with the vision of 2023 we will continue our contribution towards achieving . In the 100th year of our Republic as trichothecenes we aim to achieve exports of US $ 200 million . Again , this figure of US $ 100 million we expect to achieve our production facility to the Church. LC Waikiki brand as the party of exports in 2023 , we plan to perform exports worth USD 2 billion . Together with our investment , Kilis will be one of the hereafter Europe's knitwear production center, \"he said .
\"Turkey's textile exports in the first half of 2014 increased by 8.7 percent compared to the same period of 2013, 4.5 billion US dollars whereas, apparel exports increased by 12.1 percent and 8.4 billion US reached the USD 9.4 billion , \"said Hemant Small , Turkey's increasing exports , which is one of the most important issues of the 2023 vision of modern they had to operate to Kilis target said property that they will contribute .
then was inaugurated by the Minister Zeybekci and members of the protocol of the factory. then entered a new activity in Kilis 4 star Olea Hotel to the opening of the participating Ministers Zeybekci , after visiting the Kilis Municipality of Kilis were separated. Photo Opening ceremony on ; Kilis Governor Süleyman Taps , Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin , Kilis Mayor Hasan Kara , the AK Party Kilis deputy Ahmet Salih Dal, the AK Party Gaziantep Province President Ahmet Uzer , the AK Party Chairman Kilis Province Rashid Parker Istanbul , attended by many businessmen and guests from Ankara and Gaziantep .

Economy Minister Zeybekci Joins the opening in Kilis" comments for.


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