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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 12:49

Eddi Anter Anticipated Book'Tribe'Output

Eddi Anter Anticipated Book'Tribe'Output
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Author Eddi Anter anticipated book \"Tribe \"has met with the reader .

İstanbul news: Author Eddi Anter anticipated book \"Tribe \"has met with the reader . Eddi Anter , \"Tribe \"and readers are on a journey towards inner world . Publications that support the interests of the author
Eddi Anter's new book \"Tribe \"took place in bookstores . Itself to recognize and wish to love their readers \"Tribe \"inner world with a journey towards releasing Eddi Anter , \"Awareness is aware people are different, you will know that , it is no longer tribes are not ,\"he says .
Tribe daily life things that happened with samples describing Eddi Anter , \"Day of our lives , while living what is happening to realize that many're not going . Reason attention we stems. however, stop and think , we happened to those meanings are trying to install are . Often they give up and leave . Purpose, a shortcut to save the day from it . such came will go like he taught . Inquiry or to ponder what is the need ? Question to all of the found answers is there someone that you have time for this have to spare ? for this cause expended all efforts futile is not \", he gives space .
Tribe \"in the herd to exit the first lot who want to escape from need , \"said Anter , continues to say:
\"Social class of jumping , who lost his property , and the environment mingle with new people from one place to be , even if the output is the introduction of a new herd . Apply to really stay out of the place of birth, residence and leave behind the house will be shown to you is to be directed to go somewhere . At the end of this dark and lonely road entering into exchange differences are created . Otherwise, where you lead, being the shepherd of the flock head or can not go forward ;'re still in the herd . Flooded with wolves around you should be able to dominate the wolves . Competition with yourself because you have nothing to win . In recognition of this, the time and effort until it is empty . Are empty . Know that you lose yourself in the battle against're doomed to extinction . In every war necessarily is a loser . It's not you ! If you win a war when the other side of the track will be lost . Remember , the only true not checkmate . Do pawn So , you think the person is going . Decisions already given. \"
People were in the but the difference could not come to that pass Eddi Anter ,\"Living , continuous with an anticipation of the wheel in the koşuşturarak spending , if perhaps unwittingly life waiting've taken . They want to do and what they wish to live're always pushing beyond ; will not even know . They perform all the way down for a time, or you think you have the opportunity . Mind imposes it . However, at the end of death , the time will come when no one foretold unfortunately not . You are not going to die when and how , in what way will you decide to live , \"he reflects the inner world of readers .

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