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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 09:57

Edesob't visiting the Kosgeb

Edesob't visiting the Kosgeb
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Edirne Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen ( EDESOB ) Board of Directors and Supervisory Board Members visited Edirne KOSGEB Service Center Manager.

Edirne news: Photo EDESOB President Emin Inage , Chairman Mehmet Ozkan, Board Member Yunus Atay , Chairman Bülent Bloody and EDESOB Supervisory Board Hussein EDESOB Secretary General of the holder Özay Gungoren , KOSGEB Edirne Service Center Manager Visited Bedri Döngel office. < br/> EDESOB President Emin Inage , KOSGEB Manager Bedri Döngel specifying familiar to the training done as board members , \"as Edirne ESOB as familiar with as our friends to the opening in Edirne KOSGEB Service Center Director , we tried hard . KOSGEB Cansuyu during the credits were expecting approval to send all documents Tekirdag . of course, a great convenience for our craftsmen is our city of these types of institutions . we want positive features from the benefit of our craftsmen and artisans arising from the boundaries of the province our Edirne as EDESOB Board of Directors. KOSGEB , especially overseas trade fairs and business visits to We will work to the benefit of our from the subsidies provided and craftsmen , \"he said . Photo Edirne KOSGEB Director of the Bedri Döngel Edirne tradesmen and artisans Chambers since the activities carried out in Tekirdag Service Directorate for the Union expressed intense they work , \"We are as of the period we are in Tekirdağ officials we made intensive efforts as EDESOB . Edirne benefit from KOSGEB supports artisans and craftsmen are doing our best as Director of the issue. KOSGEB to overseas programs we support is planned to be held within the framework of legislation , \"said the statement.

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