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  • 22 Ocak 2014, Çarşamba 09:03

Edirne By nightfall Reflects Canvas

Edirne By nightfall Reflects Canvas
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Trakya University in Edirne, Edirne's various historical places of final year students and streets Unlike other artists who amazes night canvas boots.

Edirne news:  In Edirne, Trakya University final year student of Edirne various historical sites and streets of other painters Unlike night canvas boots amazes those who see.
Trakya University last year örgenci Koksal Parker, Faculty of Fine Arts in the relevant sections of the course belongs to the subject of the thesis, the city To reflect the concept of the canvas where there is nobody in the streets hours of Edirne since taking up his canvas, brush that works is taking the path of the street. Selimiye Mosque and Kaleici, located in the historic sights with oil paint on canvas transfer Polat, street passing citizens with intense interest is encountering.
Space by opposing a street lamp under the canvas place Polat study conducted by the end of the year at the university, which will open exhibition of paintings will be exhibited at . Parker, after graduating from the school of art line the streets would be a painter, he says.
Parker, the department's reading should show a trend in the last year is now believed that reflects the inner world of the painter preferred the city said. Edirne's historic fabric deterioration of the streets and historical monuments canvas by drawing works Polat,"my inner world because it reflects street painter chose. Previously people what this guy is doing at this hour in Back when I my drawings would continue. Too from different backgrounds with many people on the streets photos When drawing met had the opportunity. people liking're watching, this is my I like. Starting as a historic Kaleici houses drawing I continued. Selimiye Mosque inside and the environment After you draw the bath and graveyard from small to Sunday, I will. those historical pristine places on the canvas I will"he said.
street earlier draw a picture of someone seeing stating Berkant Coach said,"When I first saw strange I met. remote see what is being done he looked. approach I draw a picture to see that the labor health he started to watch. present students a small design on paper can not be friends canvas drawn, get halal,"he said.
Ozcan Anil said,"Earlier corner Selimiye Mosque was drawn. 3 days later there finished I saw that. Yesterday came here too, a hammam and a cemetery plot I see. his success, I wish,"he said.

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