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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 17:46

Edirne Municipality of Ramadan Entertainment Sees Great Interest

Edirne Municipality of Ramadan Entertainment Sees Great Interest
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By the Municipality of Edirne , in order to keep alive the old Ramadan night held in a different neighborhood each evening Ramadan entertainment Edirne has attracted great interest from the public .

Edirne news: Edirne by the Municipality , the old Ramadan nights kept alive in order to every evening in a different neighborhood held Ramadan entertainment Edirne from the people have shown great interest .
In Edirne achieved a first Edirne Mayor Recep Gurkan, 1 Traditional Neighborhood Ramadan Eğlenceleri personally attending , with citizens Ramadan entertainment is watching . President Gürkan, Edirne Municipality , the old Ramadan in Edirne , revive youth Hacivat Karagöz , where mostly you want to promote as they expressed, \"Society existence of the customs and traditions to the future of transportation know the importance of . During Ramadan each in our neighborhood continued to achieve with the activities of old convenience of Ramadan continue to live together , \"he said .
the citizens of Edirne , Edirne Municipality, which was organized by the President Recep Gürkan for Ramadan festivities , mainly thanks to the entire team has had .

Edirne Municipality of Ramadan Entertainment Sees Great Interest" comments for.


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