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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:54

Edirne Winter Tire Alert

Edirne Winter Tire Alert
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Edirne Drivers and Automobile Chamber President Erbey Sword December 1, as all along with Turkey, Edirne is also the door of penalties to commercial vehicle wearing winter tires recalled , said they want to be heard right of the driver.

Edirne news: Photo Transport, published by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Communications , \"with dimensions on the vehicles to load and Procedures Weight and Size Measurement Tolerance About'according to the regulations , in Edirne, along with Turkey From 1 December which is not suitable for winter conditions , snow the tire's not wearing commercial vehicles will not be allowed to continue on the road.
\" winter tires MUST PLUG are REQUIRED \"photo Edirne Drivers and Automobile Chamber President Erbey Sword, said in a statement on the subject , \"our taxi driver , our minibus , we kamyonetçi , telling our artisans using truckers and our other commercial vehicles that winter tires must necessarily replacing it. Besides, there are benefits in other private vehicles using all trades my friends wearing even though winter tires with civilian vehicles. We have habits from the previous year , we also have winter tires on we plug in the middle of winter , we will raise in April , we install our flat tire again . Many of our friends now ready for winter tires. Even now there are even starting to wear , \"he said .
\" WINTER TIRES WILL OWN INTERESTS they TAK \"Photo sword , recalling winter tire insert the commercial vehicle owners will be faced with an application difficulties in traffic and criminal , \"these friends do not stay in disadvantaged if they install winter tires . Day after tomorrow we are not victims of the Police Force in the way they do control officers , penalties do not eat . In this way, we warn the driver tradesmen and our friends . We want a moment before installing winter tires on hand . If they install winter tires would be in their interest , \"he said .
\" WE WANT TO DRIVER our FRIEND THAT RIGHT SENSES \"Photo Winter tires not only in snow or ice event that you need to be installed due to seasonal variations Sword \"when it rains, water accumulates in our way . Water channels are available in flat tires. But snow tires in reducing the risk of accidents because more channels , prevents slipping. Their citizens to comply with traffic signs and markers in our city and I want to give priority to the pedestrian crosswalk . Driver , commercial and private vehicles using our friends we definitely want to be discreet. Especially at pedestrian crossings which they comply with the speed limit in place , \"he said.

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