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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:37

Edremit'Euphrates Quarter'Establishing

Edremit'Euphrates Quarter'Establishing
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Councillor Van Edremit , November regular meeting of the council'Euphrates was called to decide on the establishment of a new neighborhood .

Van news: Photo edit the municipal council meeting and conference co-chair a meeting of the Municipality of Edremit and Abdulkarim Çetin Sayan Sevil Rojbin joined by councilors . Which the Assembly opening speech Co-President Sevil Rojbin Cetin, after the March 30, 2014 local elections Edremit mayor and city council of co-decision in line with community-based municipality should they organize public council meetings in a different neighborhood each month , he said. Winter months are therefore in the neighborhoods on the cooling of the air council of the city council meeting is not the appropriate meeting space can be made healthy meeting again publicly Edremit Council meeting and stated that they agreed to do in the conference room Cetin , said the warm weather city council meetings it again every month, held in a separate neighborhood. < br/> Opening speech after November parliamentary identified as an agenda of 10 items from the first two items which Şabaniye neighborhood divided into two , which was prepared in ecology and health commissions to discuss a new neighborhood establishment report items were discussed. The first agenda item discussed previously connected to Hacıbekir District and Metropolitan Act to be the Bayırlı included in the Şabaniye neighborhood , Esentepe, Çulhacı, school , at the request of the people of Lucky and Veysel Karani street was decided to create a new neighborhood. The generated name at the request of the citizens living there is a new neighborhood'Euphrates Quarter'was considered to be as the city council in a unanimous vote .
Newly created Commenting on the Euphrates neighborhood Edremit Municipality Co-President Sevil Rojbin Cetin, 6 separate street in Şabaniye neighborhood in line with the demands of living quarters within the work of Edremit district municipality as a technical team calculated that the distribution of the service area boundaries of the new districts drawn borders, he said . Neighborhood as its name is always in the municipality in determining again that they left the initiative to the public and commission work results in people's neighborhood name of'Euphrates', emphasizing that they want to put the crunch, the request from the general public by accepting the Edremit Mayor and council stating that they agreed passing the parliament all the public good be found in wishes.


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