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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 02:27

Edremit:part of the game except for the last 20 minutes of struggle and desire satisfied

Edremit:part of the game except for the last 20 minutes of struggle and desire satisfied
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Coach Mustafa Resit defeated Trabzonspor 3-0 Akhisar Belediyespor'a Edremit, except part of the fight game's final 20 minutes, and that desire is satisfied.

In general, increases the resistance of the opponent's goal positions being değerlendirmemiş stating that although catch Edremit,"Akhisarspor well concentrated. playing field as I said, over the last 20 to 25 minutes left in the period. however, received more than a risk periods. koruyamadık a compact structure. football is very attentive and could not have been very careful in his choice of position games. Properties defense one can t tell each other very carefully and successfully. These are important points for us. However, there fails to be a 3-of 0 defeat brought . But in the end we Trabzonsporuz. Such matches can from time to time. need a bit more discipline not to give value.compensation we may have played a match. ahead of us there is a process. evaluating repeat this process, we will continue on our way. Drawn nothing. Ultimately we lost 3 points and get back to ."she said.

answering a journalist's question regarding the activities of transfer Edremit,"Our priority is the striker again. rotations on the left or Olca back to me in very good condition. does not look too bad. going to make it even better. volcano performance may have been bad today. therefore priority is to the far left striker has more than the burner."she said.

Trabzonspor Olca name does not expect such a score. Olca"an intense match between the national team have entered the marathon to come out. Kazansaydık this match Besiktas match only consider it as a loss., But in this game bad day. Worst ate goals. Consequentially were defeated 3-0. As I said, I looked here for 3 days to pack up to the national team We want to continue to be prepared to back matches in the UEFA Cup."she said.

Trabzonspor Zokora said they received a very poor score. Zokora,"From our perspective, a very poor score 3-0. Said that this teacher. Bind this discipline in some troubles. Especially from 0 to 1 to have forced the game pretty goal, but unfortunately could not. Said problems emerged later. We were unable to reveal a compact game. opponent think we've made a lot from. But here you need to fit the heads. has a national team between us. 3 days there is a warrant. departures and the rest of the national team as well as the heads of all the friends gathered to forget this defeat scores get ready to receive in the future."she said.

Edremit:part of the game except for the last 20 minutes of struggle and desire satisfied" comments for.


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