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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 20 Temmuz 2013, Cumartesi 18:28

Education A-Sen Hasan BAŞYİĞİT goodbye

Education A-Sen Hasan BAŞYİĞİT goodbye
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İhsaniye Afyonkarahisar district national education directorate appointed Vice President of Education-A-Sen Branch Hasan Başyiğit Kütahya program was organized for the evening.

Hasan Başyiğit, before his appointment as District Director of Education Director of Kütahya Abdurrahman Pasha, as well as primary school education-a-Sen Branch Kütahya served as Vice President of Legislation and Collective Agreement.

Başyiğit Hasan who express their feelings after the program; years where the community, leaving the city of Kütahya and Education-A-Sen is not easy task in comparison to the school administration of the district national education directorate valuable addition to her appointment in case the happiness of separation from friends added that the sourness.

Education-Bir-Sen Kütahya branch Kamil president of Flying, 'Our union held various positions after the last two terms representing the union's collective bargaining and legislation passed President helper will generate a bittersweet separation among us, the better we are pleased that the appointment of a task. An end to the separation of the province of Kutahya brother Hasan Başyiğit not see it as a good first step in beginning and brother deserves better too biliyoruz'dedi authorities.

Kamil Flying branch president after the program, on behalf of Education-a-branch of Kütahya Hasan Başyiğit You ' and wished success in his new position, giving a plaque to superior.

Education A-Sen Hasan BAŞYİĞİT goodbye" comments for.


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