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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:07

Education of District Chairman Sofuoğlu'nu you to a Full Support

Education of District Chairman Sofuoğlu'nu you to a Full Support
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Confederation of the Education Officer-Sen Bir-Sen ( Trade Union of Educators ) Manisa Branch 4 of the Ordinary General Meeting to be held on November 1 .

Manisa news: Before the General Assembly , Education Bir-Sen Manisa Branch President Mehmet Emin Sofuoglu, teachers met with the heads of the county home . District presidents made ​​statements on November 1, which will be held in the elections Sofuoğlu'nu gave full support to explained.
Education A-Sen Manisa Branch President Mehmet Emin Sofuoglu, on 1 November 4th Ordinary General Assembly realized , he said. Sofuoglu, \"All district managers , all members of the organization , our all our members together in agreement again be a candidate we recently said. Convention as a result I hope strongly permission of Allah strongly our mission will continue . Unionized increase the benefits our members economic and social rights, increasing victims , the oppressed become the voice of the country's democratization to contribute to the world oppressed, strong voice , being the conscience of the powerful voice for the sake hope this reconciliation , this association was a great synergy , mercy and bless service again to turn the occasion believe that . Nov. 1 in our Organization it all together will show . that nobody should doubt . Education a-Sen this work in unity and solidarity , all civil society organizations , all political parties will be an example of a way this convention process will complete . Hence their support because of all teşkilatıma thank you. educational employees, public employees , Manisa and our country get better , \"he said .
the General Assembly itself of other candidates in the race will be evaluating the Sofuoglu, Education Bir-Sen's democracy, the most beautiful is committed civil society organizations is one of the noted. Each member of the district chairman , district administration , the provincial government, the branch president or even the general presidential candidates as it can be Sofuoglu, this situation Education A-Sen's wealth is an indication that the underlined . Elections feast weather in gerçekleştireceklerini voicing Sofuoglu, \"More of the candidate emergence lot more of us would be happy .'Cause Education A-Sen so equipped, so potent a force each member of each presidency is capable to do ,\"he said .
Education a-You's a big family , he said Sofuoglu , said completed:
\"Spirit with their hearts, as always in the same case , the same ideal convinced people , shoulder to shoulder , heart to heart , this case , in this country , public employees they serve strong is a family . And this family is no power , money, authority , annuity, no factor never bozamaz . us motivates us in this case dedication which causes only thing proceedings ideal is . Education a-You organization no organization is not either. Organization all members of the present case are fighting for . \"
Education a-Sen Salihli District Representative Stopped small, through this process, the union's unity and togetherness snap out the belief that fully voiced ,\"present our management it in the best way so far tried to show . From this process we will be successful . Always stand by our President . Recep Tayyip Erdogan, but everyone knew it would be the president announced his candidacy last day . Education A-You have the right decision to have merged organization . Both our educational community , as well as our Manisa will win , \"he said .
Education Representative Suleiman a-Sen Akhisar Erdem Sofuoğlu'nu gave full support to the current president , noting that \"with a large selection're going to unite . In this feast we have been supporting . The only thing that we see here . He is also the unity and solidarity . No wish to be conducive to elections , \"he said . Then the union's district president and board members of public took photos together .


Education of District Chairman Sofuoğlu'nu you to a Full Support" comments for.


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