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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 15:57

Education One You Manisa Branch 4 of the Ordinary General Meeting was held

Education One You Manisa Branch 4 of the Ordinary General Meeting was held
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Education One You Manisa Branch of Education responsible for the organization participated in the 4th Ordinary General established a Murat Sen , Deputy Chairman of knowledge , about the growth of a new generation of educators said that under the great scourge .

Manisa news: Photo 4th of Education One You Manisa Manisa Branch Ordinary General Meeting was held at the Conference Hall of Teachers . General Vice President of the Congress of the union's organization Murat Bilgin, Education One You President Manisa Branch Officer Sen provincial representatives Mehmet Emin Sofuoglu, the AK Party provincial chairman Murat Baybatur , Princes Mayor Omar Faruk Celik and lots of training I attended a you a member of the teachers and lecturers . 161 delegates vote Korkmaz candidates in the election will use Edremit to Mehmet Emin Sofuoglu presidential race because of not collect enough delegates signature attended alone . The formation of
Court of silence in the discovery and national anthem, the current president's first speech to trade unions in the Congress began reading and president candidates made ​​Mehmet Emin Sofuoglu .
Lyrics to 2010, the organization's mission Sofuoglu began by explaining that they came to work together with to them was entrusted the \"together with our branch board of directors, together with our county organization , the delegation , our school representatives , we combine our hearts before our members . we have prepared the road plans, strategic plans , we entered prepare , we and lead to falls , we hand we should have dealt arm in arm , together for the union , for Manisa, for national education , what we learn concern can I do for the world oppressed for our country , we have established their plans bedtime . enjoy our , we waive our hobby. with sacrifices , taken we have come together today to the sweat . I do not want them to say we made them one by one . Today I want to speak to my heart . Today our sincerity in my voice vibrate when you look into my eyes , you all know very well our fedekarlığı our commitment to understand better . When the nail is painful because Philadelphia organization with 17 branch board had felt this pain in your heart. Soma is happy always been happy together , we laugh. Because it is not a teacher lady brothers served in a one of our remote districts mountain village gidemeyip school milk at night when you go to school with the truck lived his anxiety and pain , I wonder what can we do for him so we fell on the road in the morning. Therefore, the fact that we've been brothers gave us our civilization values. In fact, we have been ASAB in the modern era. Here is the heroism of this organization , the exalted , the impact , the main reason to connect with each of the sincerity of our hearts the heart of this increased prestige and was walking in the same voice one fist to the same destination . We have been in the family . The pain had hurt us all . Together to create awareness of the pain of Esma martyrs put shrouded in Manisa street and we cried in the county , \"he said .
Always on together freely in a unique way members of the organization , Sofuoglu , underlining that they came today , serving with the case said:
\"Since we took over the task in Manisa always one hundred percent increase over the number of our members working together , we were both competent as well as an effective union . But it was one of our hearts. While accomplishing all this , fusion , football tournaments, picnics, conferences, trips, members of our grievances , there was a throw of the heart of this organization under which all our social and economic rights . Our biggest reason for our success and that we sincerely under this together. \"Photo unions as always right and Sofuoglu said they stopped at the right side , \"We will continue to stand on the right side . How is that if we have an up to date , if we have one punch, if we have one voice , then we will be one . Just not here , we will be a beyond the beyond . Each difficulty to overcome together , civilization our values ​​, our future , we will do great Turkey with those who took up together. \"Photo century of oppression AND PRINT THE PERIOD Education responsible for Photo Organization One You Deputy Chairman in his speech Murat Bilgin, \"In this country we live a hundred years of oppression and repression period of time to complete . It took exactly one hundred years . Workplace representatives at a meeting last year in that province's provincial governor gave a speech before catching the protocol me. A thousand people in the hall . A great our city , the governor said output something. He said,'This government has granted the headscarf in the public sector this nation'that promise went to my heavy . Why did he go ? Because it happened and who was alive in this country. Nobody did not endow us anything. Who was granted ? You have bestowed on you . 11 million 200 thousand signatures you have collected you . This nation was granted . This is a victory. In public , in schools , in universities, in our century we are beaten with nail this system to solve the headscarf ban is a victory for our civilization to this ancient nation for this organization. We should be grateful for that. I really should thank everyone who contributed to it. This union is enough for it, \"he said .
Outline to the resurgence of Islamic Turkey again said information includes:Photo \"Why here ? Because the flag fell here. Of the Islamic umma , the Muslim leadership has fallen here. It fell in the region. Deducted from the ground up is unaffordable . I say to him from Anatolia . Today in Syria , Gaza , Palestine, children bombed , massacred Do not be disturbed when they arrived in front of your eyes the image ? Muslim Ummah today is looking at the face of the cold street . We have to deal with small accounts. By donating clothes , we will satisfy our own soul with little money, but we can not escape from responsibility. These massacred Muslims blame us on our backs . This account will give you one by one. Why is that ? Because we could not rebuild it civilization. We could not stand up for falling flag. Although Turkey was been strong , though it was founded civilization in the Islamic world today, nobody nose would bleed . It is our job to blame our backs . We educator. One has to understand the concept of civilization , the employee must raise a generation producing . This job would be to generation . Who will educate generations ? We will train . However, we are raising the lost generation in Turkey . Self , devoid of everything ignorant enough to say began in 1453, none of the grounds of persecution from existence , your mother, your father, are raising a generation slaughtered children . That means we are under great blame . We are guilty , we eğitimcil . What should we do ? Our task . We wandered the streets , we'll give you a real sense of labor for the development of a new generation . One by one all of us that are responsible . \"Photo meantime Korkmaz , explaining that even presidential candidates in the pre-convention Edremit's application was rejected by the court on the grounds it did not win enough delegates signature. The election 161 to delegates voting Mehmet Emin Sofuoglu was the sole candidate .


Education One You Manisa Branch 4 of the Ordinary General Meeting was held" comments for.


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