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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:45

Education Sen Chairman Kamuran Khan in Trabzon

Education Sen Chairman Kamuran Khan in Trabzon
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Education and Science Workers'Union ( Education-Sen ) Chairman Kamuran Khan, voiced the demands of working in the education press conference in Trabzon.

Trabzon news: Photo President Khan, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of the period , Trabzon trial for his alleged and insulting threw eggs on the convoy and then the Ministry of National Education (MONE) High Disciplinary Board ( IAC) dismissed an ongoing investigation by the teachers said they had started legal proceedings related to the return on the selected Esmak Erdem with Taking task .
\"People should be able to use all of the rights granted himself the law as long as violent ,\"says Khan, \"Education as-you sacked selected Erdem teacher friend of our own we go I want to draw once more gold . already the legal process by recognizing the task again selected Erdem our teacher we started training-as you . will be returned to duty after the hope that court. We are in the squares of the people in democracy in this country , to be able to put reactions related to democratic trending in union free expression we can come to their defense. Taking the dismissal of the teacher , especially as a woman , in fact, we anticipate being introduced by the Prime Minister by the government to prevent antidemocratic attitudes towards democracy in Turkey and we condemn this approach. People should be able to use all of the rights granted to us by law as long as violent . Must be able to express our reaction . These people will not show in response to the democratic process nor can it ? \"He said.
< Strong> Mağduriyetleri WE LIVE ? Photo speech outlining the demands of working in Khan,\"There Budget negotiations. There are also within budgetary demands of training employees. Officer-Sen trade union , the Education Union will give you a percentage of the government in the collective bargaining agreement last year increase of 3 3 plus the increase was even behind the rest of the signatories of £ 125 and was a major topic of discussion. We live in the victimization of an agreement made today. According to government statistics inflation figure is around 10 per cent of our growth today stayed between 5 percent and 6 ie £ 125 . On the other hand tax from 15 percent in June, with 5 percentage points of the period also increased to 20 with the 5 percent increase given the fact that they took back the 4 points . This way we are having a great disadvantage economically. This concerns in particular the elimination of our schools will provide enhancements in education, especially giving up the inflation difference , transferring enough resources to open new schools . Servants in schools , civil servants, teachers for the transmission of monetary resources to meet the adequate share of the budget deficit would like . We are working on this. On November 21 to discuss the budget of the Ministry of Education . We will do our branches all over Turkey in front of the parliament explanation as to ensure the elimination of the need to meet the total budget for both for schools and universities . We will share with the public vote with our demands with the press number we want , \"he said .

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