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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 18:01

Education-Sen Signatures Campaign

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KESKE of Education-Sen Eskişehir Branch managers and members, made ​​a press statement in front of the Gazi Anatolian Vocational High School .

Eskişehir news: Photo Education-Sen Serkan Demir Eskisehir Branch Chairman , in his statement , as it is across the country in Eskişehir on the additional time demands and also stated that they participated in the signature campaign opened . Stating that education investments halved Iron , said the signature campaign is 20 days, they made ​​statements collected from school to share with the public. Iron, \"as it is known, the government in 2013, Officer-Sen covers and 2014 and for 2015 signed and only name'collective agreement'signed behind the deal closed doors , millions of public employees and officials have been victimized retirees . Signing this contract , the advance date have taken the worst collective bargaining title and almost a'betrayal contract'has become , \"he said . Photo Iron , about the content of the signature text gave the following information:Photo \"From 1 January 2014 brought a gross increase monthly 175 TL . the tax for this time 116 TL has decreased . this increase remained far below the actual inflation figures . so far every year inflation difference to public workers, first time in history have not taken the inflation difference for the year 2014 and has ezdiril inflation . the government's 4 percent for 2014 + rate hike will be given was viewed as holding open the bargain door for 4 percent were kindly settle for anything less . for the year 2014 no increase percentage hike in salaries , especially additional course fees, the family and the 2013 social payments such as child benefit figures are based . These payments are made ​​to employees in 2014 was reflected in retirement. Bonuses, rent , transportation, clothing and food assistance requests have been ignored in the collective bargaining table. Also, the teachers were given 75 worth of education benefits for the year 2014 and it was advertised. Whereas previously all officers No. 666 issued by Decree and additional payments just bought these figures were asked to increase the content of this funny teacher while at least £ 300-400 band. Grievances of the teachers are still continuing . Purchasing power of the second half of public sector workers of the year due to ever-increasing inflation figures have declined markedly , the progressive tax brackets application has led to more than 10 dissolution percent in income of 2014 all public employees . Percentage so 3 + 3 increase in the reverse of the public sector workers for 2015 , the grievances of the public sector workers shows will continue in 2015 . \"Photo Iron , Education-Sen as public laborers, from sitting on the collective bargaining table with the real representatives, they can not get return for their labor , employees who put his signature to the mortgage account , he added two years of public sector workers will ask sooner or later .

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