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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 13:01

Education You:"Free Clothing Finery Actions Continues"

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Education and Science Workers' Union (Education-Sen) Hakkari Branch Presidency, which began on October 7 'Free Clothing Finery' actions suggested that exert pressure on the members attending.

Education and Science Workers' Union (Education-Sen) Hakkari Branch Presidency, on October 7, they started 'Free Clothing Finery' acts of the members who participate printed asserted.
Education-You Hakkari Branch President Yusuf Demir, actions across the country continued recalling,"in Hakkari in recent days, some educational institutions chiefs and provincial education administrators our union's democratic participated in the action our members oppression and intimidation introduction to the sensations are among the. past 11 years in the AK Party government both democracy and freedoms as well as training the democratization of what to do about far as insincere on several occasions many times was observed. Education-Sen, discrimination in education, inequality, marginalization in the face to be all kinds of reaction, social life and education of the muhafazakarlaştırıl to and homogenize to struggle against their will continue. Assembly the day we today all kinds of status quo opposes If we today, the AKP has introduced a new imposition, uniform and against the status quo will continue our struggle. union headquarters have taken our decisions that adhering to democratic stance free clothing with voicing for members of this intimidation policies immediately to be abandoned says, these repressive policies we never intimidation that, our bodies our clothes, our hair, our beard, head to toe in all areas of society we indicate that we will fight until the özgürleştirince"he said.

Education You:"Free Clothing Finery Actions Continues"" comments for.


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