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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 13:02

Educators Selendil Condemns Israel in Iftar Dinner

Educators Selendil Condemns Israel in Iftar Dinner
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Located in the district of Manisa Selendi Education A-Sen members met at the iftar dinner given by the union .

Manisa news: Located in the district of Manisa Selendi Education A-Sen members met at the iftar dinner given by the union . Israel was condemned Iftar dinner .
Selendi Anatolia imamhatip High School held in the gardens iftar dinner Education A-Sen Manisa Provincial Chairman Mehmet Emin Sofuoglu, Selendi representative Mehmet Alakom , the AK Party Selendi District Chairman Muharrem Sezer and board members , Selendi District Education Director Kazim Tokkaş , branch manager Ali Dağdelen , school principals, union members and many citizens attended. Opening speech of the county representative Mehmet Alakom , \"The union of our May 15 date in Turkey with 280 thousand , in Selendi'de the 150 members of education in Turkey in the arm authority and leadership rivets are . We rely on all our members, thank you ,\"he said . Speaking Israel in condemning Alakom's words , said:\"Israel , appropriate to the character in a way that human violations and the killing continues , houses prints , youth gathering , the Palestinian members of unlawfully arresting , bomb yelling , children as young shoots. His Israel to I condemn with hatred . \"
provincial representatives Mehmet Emin Sofuoglu said, \"Children , women and family saying brutally slaughtering avid Israel condemn . Israel vomiting blood , brutality application , humanity distance between the release continues . Israel and Israeli government officials never be human , policies of humanity on the axis determination did not choose .'Do not touch me while my earnings reduction , the interests which enhances the action of blood Akitsu , the brutality or genocide from Israel, even if that for me is not a problem as'a state of the masses and the human community there is now in Europe . How to the deceased being upset , nor kill teeth they know. 10 years, air and sea after the attacks in Gaza and Gazans overall trying to destroy ground operations , especially Islamic countries, including the world of humanity silence is the result . Israel in Palestine, only people do not kill . directly directly humanity are targeting . the United Nations is watching. Middle East , the Arab world is watching. U.S., Israel to remain silent than you think is reasonable . We condemn and curse the people of Israel and managers , \"he said.

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