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  • 07 Temmuz 2014, Pazartesi 17:46

Effective Food Control Simav'da

Effective Food Control Simav'da
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Simav District Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock , citizens'access to healthy and safe food throughout the county with the aim of making food production business increased frequency controls in place .

Kütahya news: Simav Food, Agriculture and Livestock District Directorate of citizens healthy and safe food to reach with the aim throughout the county making food production job-related controls increased frequency .
Simav'da Food, Agriculture and Livestock District Manager Ali Ceylan, in this context, the month of Ramadan with consumption increase in the oven controls on the increase , he said. Citizens see their imperfections \"174 Alone food to the line \"to transmit want Ceylan , \"Conscious consumers'awareness of our teams the control of food in increasing its effectiveness ,\"he said .
Audit purpose in the absolutely criminal to write an emphasis Ceylan, \"Our main goal Simav'da people tried the food offered is to ensure that . absolutely criminal to write controls do not do. Crew Our audit stimulating , educational and guiding insights doing it, \"he said.
legislation are not suitable for food production and sales is certainly not allow underlined that Ali Ceylan, \"food businesses , increasing work intensity on the back of refuge , unhealthy food production and sales to orient themselves to accept it is not possible . food production and selling businesses and organizations in this regard sensitivity expect . food business is no joke , \"he said .
Bakery in conducting audits a big happy expression that Simavl operators Text If Uluer , \"we are glad of the controls . District Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock slight niggle in control of those elements are often weaving . Fulfill rigorous controls . In this business , we are overjoyed , \"he said .

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