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  • 12 Aralık 2013, Perşembe 11:15

Effects of cold air to the heart

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Cold weather experts stated that adversely affect the body, cold and snowy weather drew attention to the importance of feeding and dressing.

Cold weather experts stated that adversely affect the body, cold and snowy weather drew attention to the importance of feeding and dressing.
consisting of cold air that narrowing in the arteries, especially in patients with heart and blood vessels that records should not be forced to go out and Internal Medicine Specialist Heart Assoc. Dr.. Kula K, chest and face against the cold portion should be protected by heavy clothing, he said. Kula's"Heart patients should take to the streets dressed tight, certainly in the cold to walk on a full stomach,"he said.
Cold winter days, hot days, compared to the narrowing of the arteries further stated that DR. K Kula"in hot weather the veins. Cold weather shrinks. Consequently heart, arteries and diabetics from the cold very much affected. Damarlarında cramming and contraction of the patients, the cold air vessels more narrow. This in patients with heart attack can trigger. Cardio-vascular patients who and especially the seniors go out in the cold as much as possible,"he said. Dysregulation of the cold air to
heart (arrhythmia), and may lead to sudden death, Dr. recording. Kulan,"Cold and windy weather, especially breast and facial portion against the cold, thick with clothes must be protected. Cardiac patients in cold weather unless they have to go outside. Going out in the case thick with clothes chest, mouth and nose must be protected. Air through the nose, possibly a scarf heating include the must. cold weather heart pattern corruption (rhythm disorder) and sudden death can cause. winter season, common influenza and other respiratory diseases, heart disease aggravates. Influenza, or heart and lung for patients can become dangerous. By-pass the patients with heart failure and diabetes ones against influenza should be placed. winter season heart rheumatism causing upper respiratory tract infections are also common,"he said.
Heart complaints from people who cold even defend themselves against the need reminding Dr. Kulan, said:
even people who are not related to heart complaint, the cold weather will notice that the chest pain to heart. For this, the cold air of the street while people with heart disease, sublingual tablet to carry with them is very important. Because due to the reduction of body temperature in cold spasm occurs. This does not go enough blood to the heart due to spasm and chest pain can occur. For that heart patients should take to the streets dressed tight and definitely should take a walk in the cold on a full stomach. Cold in the wood and coal to move, to chop wood, wood cutting, snow shoveling against the wind, walk and especially the heart of cold and wind exposure risk of heart attack increases."
Cold nutrition in pointing to the importance Assoc. Dr.. Kaan Kulan, this controlled consumed about honey and molasses said to be beneficial. Dr.. Kulan,"a spoonful of breakfast in the non-diabetic patients are encouraged to eat a spoonful of honey syrup. Very heavy, oily food should be avoided. In particular, red meat and animal food choice should not be weighted. Instead plenty of vegetables and fruit should be eaten. Especially vegetables containing vitamin C should be consumed raw,"he said.

Effects of cold air to the heart" comments for.


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