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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 18:13

Effendi published awaited chat

Effendi published awaited chat
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Ended nearly 2 months of silence and longing, Fethullah Gulen released a new conversation.

the latest chat, and a new photo

Reverend paylaşıldı.Hocaefendi Effendi, told us what to do in the face of human dignity matters touching.

published before the end of Ramadan, the Reverend Hercules chat website in the past Fethullah Gulen Effendi new issue published in honor of chat said.

when it comes to honor the Prophet (pbuh) said that a point on the other.

"When taking a statement of pride in this, there is no mention of humanity is over. put such a point that it would be around 10 points. now thrown another step forward. Here's what you call honor."

"pride of humanity table taşımıyoruzdur iota of dignity, we taşımıyoruzdur iota of dignity. honor monument, monument to honor ... Well you make a deal, we can now let's go back."

Prophet (PBUH) and the Sahaba voicing Effendi put up with all this anguish, and the conquest müjdelendiğini Hudaybiya said after the revelation of Surat al-Fatah. Signs providing in this event was for the Muslims of today.

"do not believe in a certain period, maybe you were attacking the infidels. Everything you've a yarn needle aspects were examined, were taking under the spotlight. Changing nothing happened. intervening days are gone. believe in a time to people, they're gone. araftakiler came in a period. they did something. Muslims came in a period, they also do not be surprised you in your schools, college preparatory classes-, homes, pansiyonlarınızda full accounts for the rule appropriate, deficit Is there anyone that is a part of, no doubts, not salarlarsa upon marijuana."

infidel people did not do what the character of envy yaptırabileceğini Effendi said.

"Indigestion character, the character of envy, sometimes people do not do kafereen Even yaptırtır., but no unshaken in the face of all these things, saying honor, pride, saying,"If he comes, celalinden suffering, or cemalinden fidelity. Both safa friendly. The grace of the pleasant, Kahr also a nice"should. Eseceği manifestations of grace right moment and need to stay on hold. Assurance, Hakka, be confident."

from Effendi Whatever comes recommended to everyone should be treated with love.

"Kafirdenden the sounds, the sounds araftakinden, nominally Muslims, or even if, over his forehead in koyandan that even if we fixed it mevzudaki feelings, thoughts, sacrifice the basic disciplines were bulunmamalıyız kat'iyen. Bağrımız should be open to everyone, everyone should send bouquets of love. atanlara arrow against us, the end of oklarımızın takmalıyız a rose, roses yağdırmalıyız their world, roses ... I may understand , let them not realize ... We vesselam understand everything."

Effendi published awaited chat" comments for.


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