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  • 30 Ekim 2012, Salı 07:34

Effendi:You can not sacrifice

Effendi:You can not sacrifice
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Reverend Gülen, the family has made important evaluations about.

"lost paradise of the earth:Family state ..."Reverend , Hercules . org chat on the website addressed this critical issue, yıprandığına pointed to the institution of the family.

"One aspect nest was destroyed. slot is based on our fundamental philosophy of housing was destroyed. husband and wife fell philosophy. parents destroyed my son relationships . Fundamental values ​​were destroyed. Ustad full nelson full nelson values ​​on all of the words Necip Fazıl'ın overthrown. Standing there's nothing left."

So what is the solution? Effendi, pointed out that we are all made values.

"Now that everything crashes down on top of full nelson full nelson I guess I think it is time to return to our values ​​again. This is what ricattır, nor reactionary, nor reactionary, I mean."

Reverend Gülen, a very valuable underlines our own values.

"I mean, on the one hand not to sacrifice them to the worlds they take ownership of their own values. These are our core values."can we have thousands of them is worth the sacrifice,"We can not sacrifice them."

effendi the one hand, while on the other hand have their roots in the modern world to fulfill the requirements is recommended.

"We çocuklarıysak the time we live in, this is what the media told us çocuklarıysak I think it should be very clear in this case the time. versus time for him to play tığımızı need to demonstrate lace. Otherwise, we would be behind our time and age people are caught in the They ride is your overhead."

effendi"right age to read,"he said.

"our society, our communities must rehabilitate and he accepted them ettirmeli values ​​one at a time, and right next to it at the same time nazarlarını the time to read the correct time by turning the need to ensure that readings were in the right age."

Effendi:You can not sacrifice" comments for.


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