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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:27

Efkan Ala:\"Tradesman's Roving Roving We Will Take Money from Vandal \"

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Interior Minister Efkar Ala, were burning the property of the said trades in public events will receive the money from vandals .

Interior Minister Efkar Ala, were burning the commodity trades in social events said to take the money from vandals . Photo Interior Minister Efkar Ala, at the invitation of the AK Party Balikesir organization of the Provincial Advisory Council attended the meeting. Frame AVM radiation measurements were performed by AFAD team meeting before the program in the hall. The AK Party Provincial Chairman Mahmoud Poyrazlı his speech , he expressed condolences for soldiers killed in Hakkari. Poyrazlı said in the face of those who want to mix in Turkey is the AK party offices. Photo Photo \" WE KNOW OBSTACLES AND TRAPS WE ARE THE FUTURE WHILE WALKING that may appear in it \"Photo found in Poyrazlı the following explanation Ala, \"Yesterday dastardly attack by three gendarmes we currently face they go shopping in Hakkari closed , were killed in organized attacks by cowardly people . I wish mercy on them God. Behind they left , I wish condolences to the relatives . Thanks to the head of our nation . throughout history, this nation , history writing was greeted with much danger . Their continued all the way beyond with an attitude befitting to him . We Turkish nation also has that determination today ruled on 3 continents . is walking so confident steps into the future . We are obstacles that may appear in front of you as you walk into the future , we know traps. They are taking into account we continue on our way. in 2002, the AK Party was established , and you have put your finger to the stability in Turkey. Since 2002, the AK Party government at work. Turkey will have to make a decision at the expense of the nation since 2002 . Does the other party have it easier ? We should expect attacks from the outside and 77 million fight against them . Since the area since 2002, we support 50 percent of voters in this whole party is taking the right steps . Then how come the obstacles being placed by the status quo ? What did we do 50 percent of the vote and his wife closure case was filed ? How do I say to remind you that we are in a game. We stand resolutely overcome them all.'Together we've soaked in the rain , \"says full and threw them or what if . Snow , borane, full of AK Party and the lady continued on its way without shoes , \"he said . Photo Photo \" REGIONAL Us STARTED an active foreign policy \"to speak for Photo Athan read Search for Al that , \"in our region, we started to watch an effective foreign policy . There are two main issues we assign Turkey Turkey's can not hold anyone dismantle the shackles of our two feet. 77 million employees of mind to hit the shackles of religion and freedom of conscience . The status quo has produced continuous enemy . Thank God our country caught on a medium standard of developed countries in this regard. Signature at the bottom of it belongs to you . I do not enter into these details . Headscarf issue has been resolved. Comfortable choices were brought to the school . Other basic problems of ethnic identity problem but a problem of terrorism , which he described scourge of terrorism . Very martyrs became our property , economic loss but had not been concluded goods . Look, to be absent, we have built immediately after the operation by MIT remove a mediator than other countries in the parallel structure . Who need to understand who is the best toy. 2009 begins in November and files kept listening . Operation in 2012, MIT , we say we will continue on the road. Withdrawal begins in May 2013 . Trip events behind the issues stopped. Vandals are ravaging the mess . Event may be the reason for the trip ? Vandalism can not be the reason . We've made a critical point , nobody have taken in a swamp without the benefit of 77 million and these events from happening . Opposition parties gave their support to this event . You have to share them , \"he said . Photo Photo \" CRAFTSMEN MONEY to THESE VANDAL wick wick TAKE \"Photo Ala, saying its receivables from were burning financial loss in consequence of the devastation events in Turkey \"in a very important issue in Turkey has reached a conclusion . What's in Taksim ? Is this a good thing? Does he have to get enlightened the eyes of a servant of Allah ? The AK party organization will continue the road , we will solve this issue as well . Turkey will ventilate . We will determine the policies in our region , we will raise the 77 million zenginleştirceğiz and prosperity. Terror was announced in the roadmap problem this time was the way to girecekk vandalism violence in Turkey's 38 provinces. See comedy. Giving fire to his own country going to save the Kobani'yi . Where you can help ? We continue on our way. There Ayn-al Arab in 2 days we got 130 thousand people in Turkey. Responsibilities imposed on us in the context of our history we are doing our part. You invest human conscience , the future of our Syrian brothers pay for it. We do not expect anything . We hope that the new experience with them ? We opened our arms were still persecuted in Bulgaria . We can fit our conscience with these limits. Our conscience will not fit here . We do as we did the need for this in history as the Turkish nation. You will at Molotov on their trades , cross-border assistance. It does not explain the mind , we do not expect the already explained rationally . Like back in the 90's we would like to represent a political understanding rotating knows. Do not put the wheel in the next obstacle as before. Did you throw Molotov , we take the Molotov regulations parliament. Did you give the Tradesmen's property on fire , you are paying money for it . This is the roving vandals will take his money. We're taking her to the law in parliament. We do not leave the side of doing , we are doing with them , \"he said. Photo Ala, criticized the opposition in the last part of his speech , \"large countries in the world went into economic crisis. Even then Turkey has continued to grow. Ukraine, Syria was breakage . Turkey continues to set an example by improving the stability . We each name , please say hi to people you give so precious. Turkey does not have a significant presence in more stable politics. For your labor produces wealth . Stability provided by the despot useless , it does not produce bulldozed his mind and becomes human . See Egypt. Closing your mind and destroy them. You will produce what people refused by the value ? Political stability provides , it also makes the AK party organization . When the slightest thing in Turkey from Yemen to Sudan, Bosnia, Kosovo are hugging the phone until now . Laid out the prospect of a half Muslim politics in Turkey. Not only theirs, in the hope of having our hinterland. Is there no such thing as going back to Turkey in the opposition within . Why my passport , I will also cause you to uniformed police office. Are responsible for the security services. If we bring the authority responsibility . This criticism comes in the EU progress reports. We bring reforms. Arguments they tell us in the 1940's Turkey 2014 . You no matter what you've stayed in the 19th century ? We have paid a price for that time . We look to 2023 . How do we do highways, high-speed train is how we spent , we are dealing with nuclear power plants . They keep telling paradigms based on the 1930s. Expect that the opposition will get a true pleasure to properly fight Let's fight the current . Tell us about a new constitution once, talking about reform . See what you're saying if we all remain the same. If you are satisfied with the status quo , why did you become a party? Party promises is something of a political movement . What happens if you contribute with us? I hope there will be renewal . Our attitude will also force them to change. We met with opposition developed Advanced Turkey , \"he said . Photo Ala, at the end of his speech congratulated the Hijri year's participants. Photo

Efkan Ala:\"Tradesman's Roving Roving We Will Take Money from Vandal \"" comments for.


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