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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:33

Ege-Koop Advisory Board Elects Professor of Economics Hosni Erkan

Ege-Koop Advisory Board Elects Professor of Economics Hosni Erkan
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Seven years since Izmir and Turkey's problems that are laid on the table , academics, artists, journalists, NGO representatives, many names consisting of Ege-Koop Advisory Board , as the new president at the first meeting of the 2014-15 study period determined the map both ways .

İzmir news: Board members , chaired the Economist , Social Scientist , National Association and Foundation Head of Strategy Dr. Hosni Erkan , the assistant to the Tourist business Bircan Tagil , while the Secretariat Advertising Agency Administrator chose to Berna Sahin unanimously. If speaking at a Photo Meeting-Koop Chairman Huseyin Aslan , the board hereafter'ideas club'in the foreground he said he'd come . Lion, \"There is a serious lack in this sense in Izmir. Recommending solutions for urban , active , experts said said platform unfortunately none of that name with the future of the province. Ege-Koop Advisory Committee will address this deficiency in the new era , Izmir unspoken problems down on the table with the leading names in Turkey, will share solutions with the public , \"he said . Photo ASLAN:IZMIR'< strong> DE AGENDA would like to create Photo Lion, summarize expressed the following views:\"for seven years our board works like the parliament Izmir Honorary General Chairman Ocalan Uluç after will continue our teacher has adopted the principle of the new era still experts and the common mind . Prof. Mr. Hosni city with meeting we did a month under the leadership of Erkan is a very important missing common sense we will build the platform. this platform will host the leading names in Turkey in Izmir , Izmir will generate ideas and suggestions for the future , they will share with the public , will pursue . in this way, both the Aegean-Coop will bring solutions to the housing problems through our advisory board we will develop ideas and pave the way for Izmir environment and urbanization of transportation , \"he said . Photo ERKAN:IZMIR' I wILL EMBRACE COMMON iDEAS wE AIM Photo Ege-Koop Advisory Board Chairman Prof. Dr. Hosni Erkan , emphasizing confidence in the Aegean-Koop , said that the work of the installation of the trust makes it much more remarkable . So far, studies noted that they target a top spot Erkan said:\"More than we want ideas are racing . We want to occur Izmir agenda-setting ideas . In particular, to create a common idea , we want to create a common mind . Cooperation required by the information age and we want to give support to proposals that could create synergies , institutions and organizations to invite to cooperation , we want them to meet . the embrace of Izmir , we aim to bring together in a common platform with anyone who gets in Izmir. is a compromise Ages era is the era of cooperation is the participation age. \"

Ege-Koop Advisory Board Elects Professor of Economics Hosni Erkan" comments for.


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