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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 17:04

Eid al-Adha in Hakkari Dinner

Eid al-Adha in Hakkari Dinner
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Hakkari Governor's Office by the holy ceremony dinner was held for the first time .

Hakkari news:
dinner held for the first time in front of the Governor holy building program was attended by a large number . Governor's Office protocol established under the tent at the entrance area to the guests who attended the holiday cooking , roasting and rice were served. In the open space held holy ceremony Participants in the Hakkari Governor James Jumblatt , Yüksekova 3rd Infantry Division Commander Major General Abraham adult, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander of Gendarmerie Colonel Yavuz Özfidan , Provincial Police Director Rasul Holoğl and Mufti Mehmet Faisal Gilani welcomed by , dinner , between institutions chiefs, civil society organizations and representatives of the clergy, in which nearly 500 people attended.
given a pre-dinner speech Hakkari Governor James Jumblatt , the whole Islamic world and the people of Hakkari's feast kutladı.ye Magadan attending to the guests his speech by thanking the ongoing Governor Jumblatt , national and religious holidays indispensable values ​​that expression, \"feast of the nation's cement is like . we that holds our values ​​, our identity , our culture holds together for days . these days, how happy , peaceful celebrate Herzegovina nation that is so strong . thank God , the Feast of the Sacrifice in Hakkari enthusiasm today , we celebrate together in peace and . Hopefully, the Feast of Sacrifice our nation tranquility, peace, and bring peace , \"he said .
The speeches after the Mufti Faisal Gailani , eat pray studied . Duan then Governor Jumblatt and protocol , the guests one by one, farewell and thanked the participants had .


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