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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 16:23

Eid al-Adha in Kastamonu , fertile Passed

Eid al-Adha in Kastamonu , fertile Passed
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Food, Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Director Osman Yaman, every four families in Kastamonu, one of this year's sacrifice , said an extremely efficient in terms of both buyer and seller experience of Eid al-Adha , he said.

Kastamonu news:
Yaman, in Kastamonu Feast of Sacrifice a total of 21 thousand 857 sheep and cattle cut off by stating that , \"15 thousand 501 cattle and 6 thousand 356 small ruminants , the victim was cut . most sacrificial 3 thousand 918-volume centers in our district has been lost. Centers our town 3 thousand 696 units with a Taşköprü our district followed. Moreover, 3 thousand 206 units in Tosya thousand 450 units in İnebolu thousand 260 İhsangazi , bin 253 Devrekani , bin 26 pieces Daday and thousand five quantity was part of the sacrificial sphere , \"he said .
total of 10 thousand 957 consignments of animals took place
Eid al-Adha outside the province of Kastamonu in a total of 10 thousand 957 describes the realization of small and cattle shipments Yaman \"of these, 9 thousand 512 cattle , a thousand 445 small ruminants created. most sacrificial animal shipments from Istanbul to the European side was made. 7 thousand 210 cattle and 198 sheep for a total of 7 thousand 408 sacrificial Istanbul's European side has been sent. Istanbul'If the Anatolian side , for a total of 2 thousand 613 thousand 257 cattle and 644 sheep were shipped sacrificial . In addition , many of our other cities in Kastamonu sacrificial animals have been shipped . Of these, a total of 432 units in Ankara , Antalya, 59 units , 9 units from Bolu , Çankırı 6 pieces , 260 pieces of Kocaeli , 6 Samsun , Sinop 8 units , 108 units of Zonguldak , 36 Bartin and 368 pieces of Karabük including shipment we look at 10 thousand 957 small and large sacrificial out of the province have been sent , \"he said.
animal shipments and the sacrificial slaughter of animals Considering the past year than in gases for a change inconspicuous that transfers Food, Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Director Osman Yaman, said:\"This year career selling price in the area of victims were satisfied . In cattle this year was very much in demand . 15 thousand cattle were slaughtered . It cuts with 5-6 people per cattle sector . So that makes 75 thousand families sacrificed . 6 thousand was the small ruminants sector . In total, 80 thousand families this year, the victim was cut . Kastamonu population of 360 thousand. When we look at the rate of one every 4 families this year, the victim is cut off . This is a very serious figure is a \"
\"TOOLS \" T on the day of Arafa 39 PCS animals killed \"
of the Sacrifice eve day vehicle connected to the district Tokatlı in the village of Hasan Demir of the barn in the fire Stating that 39 head of cattle perished Yaman, said:\"The fire in the 39 units of cattle perished , while the fifth one was injured in cattle . These animals were cut 3 of them , 2 of them are being treated well . From different places in the barn in any way intended evacuation . Single door to rescue the animals studied . If you are different doors from different places or places to be evacuated if perhaps these animals would be sacrificed . So in case of any disaster whether at home , barn , get different outlets necessarily need to be considered . Here are gaining a great importance in the agricultural insurance . If these animals perished if our friend agricultural insurance would cover all losses from insurance , but now will not meet . That's why our farmers , taking into account the strong agricultural disaster insurance is required. Agricultural insurance will have their own interests . This is half the price of agricultural insurance in the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock our lives . Our farmers in this way too much of a fee is not reflected \"
Yaman, any fire in the hay too quickly ignite , noting that he continued:\"Apart from the barn , our residential areas and stables us to distant places should do . Hay , can flare up very quickly . Once you start burning straw is going to put out power . That's why our barn , our house , our barn to distant places should do \"


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