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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 15:39

Eid al-Adha in Malatya posts

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Eid al-Adha messages, emphasized the importance of unity and solidarity .

Malatya news:
Malatya Deputy of the AK Party , Parliament Administrative Officer ; Ömer Faruk Özer , Eid al-Adha on the occasion of Eid message issued .
Oz, \"Earth experienced all the suffering , wars and violations of the ending we desire , friendship and brotherhood to rise we wish this holy feast days of the Middle East region experienced in all kinds of human suffering and all kinds of terrorist activities to terminate the occasion I wish to be .
no doubt Holidays day the chase and concerns to one side , leaving families and our Muslim brothers and sisters is to engage our exuberant days. But this enthusiasm and excitement in our hearts feel , but on the world festival bitter brother, who's our sorrows we share , \"he said .
Meanwhile, central Malatya Yesilyurt Mayor Haji Uğur Polat stated the following:
\"Love, friendship, peace and brotherhood feelings intense that the Prophet . Ibrahim , the Prophet. Hagar and Prophet. Ismail (AS )'s humanity example of the behavior , sincerity , self-sacrifice , and against God's capitulation representative of a Feast of the Sacrifice more of accessing are happy .
nearness to Allah for the purpose , he's consent for this worship and our Feast of the Sacrifice of the unity and solidarity with us and wish to be conducive to world peace , to all mankind health, happiness, peace and blessings of Almighty Allah petition would bring . All citizens of my feast be blessed \"
the other hand, the AK Party Malatya Provincial President Av . Bulent Tüfenkci the Eid al-Adha message , the new Turkey with a vision to climb and preservation should be the expression,''New Turkey , the future a different on its vision while building anywhere in the world regardless of all the oppressed have to come will continue . How cruel religion , language , race , creed and nation, we look at not ; oppressed religion , language , race , creed and nation, it does not matter . today in our country of 1.5 million people at our borders guests if we are this country's greatness shows . oppressed religion , language , regardless of celebrating our country's conscience and moral stance is . , I take this opportunity to leave their country forced our brothers be forgotten , should be left alone that I want to express'he said.
Tüfenkc , the message following sentences continued:
'Mubarak fulfilling pilgrimage in the land of our brothers , Allah accept their worship , the Kaaba , the Arafat , Muzdalifah eylesin liked in their prayers . Anywhere in the world , especially in Iraq , Syria, Myanmar , suffering , persecuted brothers and sisters for a moment before the peace, security and stability in restoring hope . \"

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