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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 15:00

Eid al-Adha Message from Mehmet Çelik

Eid al-Adha Message from Mehmet Çelik
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Road-İş President of Branch No. 1 of the City Council at the same time President Mehmet Celik, Kastamonu publish all of the people of the message and the Islamic world celebrates the Feast of the Sacrifice , wished health and happiness .

Kastamonu news:
Mehmet Celik, the feast of the unity, solidarity and sharing feelings peaked expressed that the exceptional days . Feast of the Sacrifice of the Kastamonu , Turkey , Africa's poor tribes reaching the entire world all around Who pervades aid feast pointed out that , \"Solidarity and share the joy the joy of Eid occasion to replicate this joy from seven to seventy everyone to bring someone else's happiness be happy with knowing our great nation's essential character. tranquility and peace in the realization that we will Eid al-Adha occasion of our citizens unity and togetherness further consolidate strong believe , \"he said .
Steel , the Turkish nation's most important virtues , which is one of solidarity , solidarity, brotherhood feelings such on special occasions reached its peak , said:said:\"Holidays , all layers of society between the strengthening bonds for the future , we hope to supply the national and spiritual values ​​of our more intensely days. within this framework, the unity and solidarity of our country move forward projects that have an interest in and new projects must develop perseverance and determination must walk this path . We must not forget these efforts is the joint responsibility of all of us for a bright future . Feast of the Sacrifice , all the more refreshing to the heart of our nation and will give more peace , will strengthen our sense of social solidarity and brotherhood . Blessed Feast of the Sacrifice of the senses of all my countrymen heartily congratulate our nation from Almighty God and all humanity, peace, tranquility and well-being of a future full of hope \"

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