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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 13:09

Eid al-Adha message, the Governor of the Danube

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Eskisehir Governor Azim Tuna Güngör , has released a message on the occasion of Eid al-Adha .

Eskişehir news:
Tuna, people love, respect and a sense of brotherhood with the reconciling unity and solidarity spirit develops, social solidarity and cooperation feelings intense an Eid more access experienced the happiness said.
\"Holidays human, national and spiritual values ​​re-greening and implementation in terms of great importance exceptional days , \"said Turner , stated the following message has included:
\"Feast of the Sacrifice , generosity , mercy and blessings is abundant , resentment , and bitterness of the forgotten nation together ever more chelated and union of hearts that creates religious feast of our . Holidays everyone's another love and sincere hug for ; kindness to , beauty , no closer to an opportunity to be seen and should be evaluated . feast days like the delights of are the days . this joy with our family , our friends , our neighbors , the disabled , the sick, needy and unaccompanied our citizens , our elderly in nursing homes , to live with our families of martyrs and veterans believe will increase our sense of unity and togetherness . Exhibited the best way to share the love and solidarity in Eskisehir city , our citizens holidays with these feelings that will evaluate the best way is faith . Holiday joy to sadness turned into joy on behalf of sharing the road with traffic coming careful and obey the rules of our people wish. These thoughts in the heart and sincere feelings all of our citizens feast congratulate Eid all Eskişehir people and located in the city of our guests health , peace and happiness to the occasion that I wish love and respect I want to give . \"

Eid al-Adha message, the Governor of the Danube" comments for.


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