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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 25 Ekim 2012, Perşembe 10:11

Eid prayers were full mosques in Adana

Eid prayers were full mosques in Adana
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Adana, from early in the morning for Eid prayer flocked to mosques.

Adana, from early in the morning for Eid prayer flocked to mosques.

days before the feast prepared by the victims of Adana, embrace each other's feast is celebrated after the Eid prayer. Especially Sabanci, Oil, arcades and going from the feast of the great mosques of thousands of people went to pray early in the morning. From 7 to 70 in the courtyard of the mosque after performing prayers in mosques bayramlaşarak citizens who went to cut the victims.

Samancı the Central Mosque, the largest mosques in Turkey, Adana teachers who listened to his sermons in awe. Festival of Eid prayers and prayers rendered immerses citizens living in takbir, followed by visits to the cemetery, the victims said they would cut the bayramlaşmaya.

hotter than the old saying that the holidays Mustafa Ali Cool,"Thank goodness the old feasts we call We're festival in a peaceful environment. Hopefully feast brings blessings to our country."he said.

Mahmut Baran Aslan Bayram prayer and then kissed his hands elders, gather harçlıklarla awaited festival will take his bike, he said.

Central Mosque in Adana Governor Huseyin Avni Cos made the prayer. Citizens after the Governor's Prayer bayramlaşan Cos, Eid al-Adha will be beneficial to the Islamic world and all of humanity, earth, wished to bring peace and tranquility.

Eid prayers were full mosques in Adana" comments for.


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