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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 13:40


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AK Party District President Alpaslan Nilufer Yildiz, Nilufer Municipality"ekokent"has criticized the project.

Bursa news: AK Party District President Alpaslan Nilufer Yildiz, Nilufer Municipality"ekokent"has criticized the project.
Nilufer Municipality of Kayapa, Hasanağa and Gorukle resort covering an area first"Dubai", after the name change gradually"Ekokent"under the name 4.5 years planning work to do in the region, construction stop completely that tells Star,"2009 local elections The resort closed and towns all assets Nilüfer Municipality after the transfer Nilufer Municipality Kayap in his plans, in the housing estate construction completely have stopped. Nilüfer Municipality rights and unlawful transactions made.
Kayapa of 2009 from September this Since the zoning interspersed license is granted. Folk this procedure done because of the municipality great response illustrates"he said.
Kayapa, Gorukle and Hasanağa in the municipalities of the citizens without their consent Ekokent project under the name of land combined land owners unfamiliar with those partners to be made stated that the District Chairman Alpaslan Stars,"Citizens of the zoning permit, which Kayap in its own grounds on doing construction blocking the cause of the AK Party, but Nilufer Municipality unlawful practices. Metropolitan Municipality in 2010, this plan feint to veto the decision has reported, however, a number of people both political and in public pressure by making the plan is working. AK Party corruption, prohibitions and poverty by tackling eleven years was in power. every election voting rates are increasing. Our people AK Party administration trust and service are satisfied with. Ekokent project Kayapa, Gorukle and Hasanağa sitting and the land owner, which fields that have hundreds of people appealed. Implementation of the Plan in the land merging oppose. Reconstruction in the practice of land to the precedent 0.90, while in some areas precedent and floor height abnormal in increasing order what it is asking citizens precedent, three by construction permit administration of justice is contrary is expressed. This objection and all relevant documents in the Greater Municipality are available. Nilüfer Municipality, the media, using his own unlawful certain procedures is ignored, and the law requires plans to views which is authorized Metropolitan Municipality's work disparagement is in effort. But the AK Party Nilufer District President, as our people come to us info and by requests at this game to disrupt committed. Our people what Ekokent, nor Dubai project wants. We of these plans public benefit not believe that. certain annuity circles according to the demand plan to prepare against. past Nilüfer Municipality's management prepared by the reaction of the people that attracts, even unfledged orphans are entitled to the treasure land of the evaporate court decisions prove Özlüce and Ertugrul neighborhood exhibited in the development plans of games now Kayapa, Hasanağa and Gorukle our towns equally be exhibited will not allow,"he said.
Ekokent plans regarding public opinion taken into account, that is not being asserts the Star said:
"Plans prepared after Kayap in the town at the meeting of the public response to questions of municipal management meeting by leaving escaped. Plans Prepare Professor. Dr.. Hussein captain of municipal administration at the request prepare plans that Kayapa people before is saying , Ekokent plans custom-made proves that. Area 4.5 years building permit is not allowed. public and the owners of the rights are ignored. all of these responsible Nilufer Municipality is. Nilüfer Municipality, now at this point of the AK Party, blaming political interests in order to obtain thrown futile steps consist of. existing laws and city planning according to the principles in the area of ​​land and land in the resident population of 30 thousand when they should be, Nilüfer Municipality 240 thousand inhabitants according to the building permit that project preparation, planning in terms of being healthy, as implement it in irreparable will bring distress".

"Ekokent"Debate" comments for.


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