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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:17

Elazığ Cultural Support from kepez

Elazığ Cultural Support from kepez
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Kepez Mayor Hakan tobacconist , to reinforce the existing fraternal environment , Elazığ to speak of cultural cooperation, Culture and Solidarity Association visited .

Antalya news: In his speech during a visit
President tobacconist , \"Gakkoş land of Elazig, our hearts , our hearts , our history is one of the most special cities of our civilization. having many civilizations accumulation of important people who grew up in Elazig, our country all over the Antalya our color and beauty has added \"dedi.hemşehr association of the activities of the tobacconist who pointed out that it is important in two respects , \"First, citizen associations , strengthening our social structure , social solidarity is strengthened structures. in this regard, they expressed very important social function when taken in . Secondly, citizen associations , their own culture, Standards lived in the cities they are located in their endeavor . this effort at all four corners of Anatolia , Turkey, gives contribution to the formation of scars in the city we live in the whole city. Thus composed a beautiful city culture. two feature also Elazığlı our compatriots friendliness , the very time we put compassion into the business emerges a different beauty , \"he said . Photo Antalya Elazığ Association President said they watched Kursad Yesilkaya also appreciated the work of Kepez Municipality . Yesilkaya , tobacconist's , that make kepez center of attraction was also underlined . Vice President
visit was accompanied by Mustafa Ozsoy . Photo tobacconist , visited the taxi rank next to the association building , chatting with the cabbie trades he .


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