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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 21:40

Elazığ'Risk Reduction and Social Disadvantage'Project in late life

Elazığ'Risk Reduction and Social Disadvantage'Project in late life
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Elazığ province conducted by the'Social Risk Reduction and Cons'project introduction meeting was held .

Elazığ news: Photo of Elazığ province conducted by the'Social Risk Reduction and Cons of'promotion of the project meeting was held in the Organized Industrial Zone. Meeting with Governor Ömer Faruk Kocak, Health , Former Minister AK Party Erzurum Deputy Minister Recep Akdag, Mayor Mujahid infallible , public, corporate managers attended. The governor made ​​the opening speech of the Photo Meeting Kocak, \"the number in the broadest sense of the reduction project of social risk by offering our minister this we'll get their views on the subject. All Elazig we have received counseling volunteer on behalf of the people . reduction project of social risk has long been in Elazığ continues. we are approaching the end of a project soon part will begin to implement a very short period of time. developing project hopefully will be more due to the application of the possible risks we have also started decreasing , \"he said .
AK since he came to the ruling party , this kind of social support programs deputy began his speech stating that a very caring Akdag, \"Actually we do in health care is too serious a social support program. Keep from families with disabilities , the including multi-zonal conditional support given to a pregnant woman goes to him for medical examination , we have multi-faceted social support. Indeed, in this respect , our government has scored a huge success . All this is presented in the form of social support in a coordinated provincial level will not leave even a single family , so to speak openly now that the social risks , the development model to jump considers very important. This again points the Ministry of Family and Social Policies in making very accurate studies . All our stakeholders particularly the Elazığ Governor and Council , as mentioned before in the Elazig governor brain a bit of a special system for keeping all the needs of families at risk , which I see can be an example to Turkey. Here again, I appreciate the desire synergy commitment in this regard . You also have the presence of the Elazığ Governor and I thank our president . Very good service , I believe that will be an example to the whole of Turkey , \"he said . He continued to be closed to the press after their meeting Photo conversation. It was learned that the meeting presentation on the details of the project realization .

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