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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 22:28

Elazığspor-Adana Demirspor Then the Match

Elazığspor-Adana Demirspor Then the Match
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PTT 1 League the 8th week in their home Elazığspor'un Demirspor'da Adana spoke at a press conference after the match both teams coach is 2-1 .

Elazığ news: Elazığspor coach told a press conference after the match Photo , made ​​a brief statement about the encounter. In Özat speech, \"Children played , fought well , they won , congratulations . Due to fight. There are 30 one player in Elazığspor'un . We are entering the league than 9 weeks. Playing 2 players remained waterfall with Erdinc. Them I will play this week cup match \"he said.
< strong> Adana DEMİRSPOR WALL the Photo Adana Demirspor coach Ünal Karaman, \"Today's football we play , I do not like our struggle . We will pull ourselves account.'ll Evaluative not much \"he said. Photo Halftime 2 position , underlining that they had 2 goals Karaman, \"Our goal with such a simple mistake, continues to eat goals since the beginning of the season with penalties that cut the opponent . although missing the opponent when we look at the second half found the position again . Therefore, relevant to the concentration Our problem there . We knew he was doing off the defense of Elazığspor team . We could not be skilful to overcome this . Our wing players they had a very incomplete one . anyone can beat any team in this league . Of course you are ready last year , this year transfers who have good teams. Now begin to shape the bottom of the top of the league in 2-3 weeks. Therefore, I see that there's no easy matches we have played since the beginning of the season , \"he said

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