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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:32

Elbistan A Dream Becomes Reality More

Elbistan A Dream Becomes Reality More
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Elbistan district of Kahramanmaras , Sardağ the full-length will be surrounded by green belts began work on planting 30 thousand acres .

Kahramanmaraş news: Karaelbis from the neighborhood at the entrance processed the slope to the afforestation festivities organized for 150 thousand saplings will be planted , young people joined the citizens hundreds of seniors. Photo Forest where the Regional Directorate start and Elbistan governor with the support of Sardağ the Taşburun and about 30 thousand acres between the neighborhood from Karaelbis began reforestation project aimed to be 800 thousand seedlings planted area . Following the completion of the tillage operation Shattari recently brought cedar trees in the locality known as the Farm , hundreds of people came together with the participation of land . Photo festival held here on the plantation ; Elbistan Governor Tuncay Akko , Forest Regional Director Mehmet Sabuncu, Deputy Mayor Necati Kul, District Police Commander, Major Hawk Kocakös , District Police Chief Peace Murat Bason , official corporate chiefs , representatives of non-governmental organizations , political parties , students, teachers, university students, safety personnel , health personnel , forest officials and citizens attended. in statements before a Photo seedling planting forest District Manager Mehmet Sabuncu, said in the first place will be planted area of approximately 150 thousand saplings will be planted . the Elbistan of Photo afforestation area already the largest forest attention will be land area Sabuncu, \"Elbistan-Sardağ we start the first planting in areas where we planned to be Reforestation Area . Sardağ is , was an area they insisted on in both Elbistan forestation of the citizens living abroad. We would also how you can work here says about 1 year were having technical examination. The work we do here in the allocation of treasury land and pasture lands have determined that the allocation should be . Then the governor's office with our Governor Bey was followed by the allocation of areas where pasture . We also Elbistanlı to ,'we planted young trees in the autumn of 2014 Sardağ'I promised . Following this event where we started our team allocated to afforestation. Space allocated to us here about 3 thousand hectares. Within this stony-rocky soil of Sardağ in many areas , all areas of reforestation seedlings we think we can erect. First, in our study, 100 hectares have made for this fall. Related to the remaining portions will continue in the years 2015-2016 , both reforestation project activities. Today here in 100 hectares followed by 150 thousand cedar tree we planted \"he said. Photo Elbistan Kahramanmaras forest , indicating that the most vulnerable districts in terms of ownership of land Forest District Manager Mehmet Sabuncu, \"Elbistan district of the terms of Kahramanmaras wooded area poor district . Perhaps due to the sagging of the work required from both the climate terrain . We think we can do to increase the percentage of forest area in Elbistan in this work. Good luck auspicious \"he said . Photo ELBİSTAN'< strong> IN DREAM
then District Governor Elbistan gave a speech Tuncay Akkon , this reforestation efforts with the biggest dreams of Elbistanlı the occasion one to turn into a reality that he stressed .
\"We have an important day for us and our Elbistan'ı region. 3 thousand hectares of plantation work done in an area of up to Karaelbistan starting from Sardağ Elbistanlı was one of the biggest dreams , and was hoping it was hoped . 1 year ago we started to work . Seriously allocation studies were carried out . There was pasture land and places treasure . Regional Directorate of Forestry as a result of a meticulous study we have shown us over the whole team effort . Assigned work was completed today , I hope you're starting to work with the planting of 100 150 thousand hectares. Photo Work would begin next spring during normal conditions. But how much importance we give to this issue , we began working in the fall to express terms of how we are sensitive about it. Studies today is important because it indicates how serious the efforts of this project , \"he said .
'Our goal is a better Elbistan'said Governor Akkon , \"Elbistan \"Our effort are Elbistan's development in all areas of education , health and made significant investments in our Elbistan'ı in all sectors. Elbistan, will become happier and more livable environment with the completion of these investments in the coming years . more beautiful appearance of the Elbistan with these investments , the lack of a better air has and will sustain the ecological balance of hope . our goal is to more improve a Elbistan . our objective is higher than the living standards of people living in Elbistan. we strive for that. I want to thank this sense, thank to everyone \"he concluded with sentences. Photo speeches, then prepared the ground by workers seedlings young lands by the elderly hundreds of people were met . Program District Mufti Muhsin Demirel and his prayer ended with dinner served .


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