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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:34

Elbistan Symbol Will Be Done plot for the mosque

Elbistan Symbol Will Be Done plot for the mosque
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Elbistan Governor Tuncay Akko , the township will gain Haji Hasan ( the King ) of the land for the mosque District Food, Agriculture and Livestock Directorate of Religious Affairs , which belongs to the completion of the allocation process to ensure the transfer Presidency said.

Kahramanmaraş news: Photo Sunny Quarter, Hamza Akbas food on the street and 2 thousand 332 square meters of property with the land allocation process , which was completed directorate of agriculture and animal husbandry . Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry , did not see no harm in lifting the allocation on the land and were utilized as the land of the mosque . Buildings on idle was destroyed by Elbistan governor's instructions . Photo made ​​a statement regarding subject Elbistan Governor Tuncay Akkon , the allocation of the said land to demand the removal for the building of a mosque in the middle of July is officially reported to the Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry and answer , he said it as their late October positive .
Governor Akko said, \"instead of Elbistan'ı our existing chiral Mosque 4 minarets and the initiative to make a mosque will be our town symbol exceeded more of a juncture in . Ownership of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry'na owned for many years in our district that serves as the Agriculture Department , but inactive in the remaining buildings are located where the allocation of land in the 2 thousand 332 square meters in 50 island 86 parcels process has been completed. the food allocation on land Agriculture and Livestock Ministry was abolished and land Minister's were allocated , \"he said . Photo Haji Hasan will be built in the name of the mosque Motivations for this mosque and reminding Survival Association's Elbistan Governor Tuncay Akko said,\"we have the name of work in progress for our Haji Hasan mosque determined as the mosque. Our Association is conducting routine operations. We are mobilizing all our possibilities as well as District Governor . We demolish derelict building in the said land . Hopefully soon we will begin construction of the mosque. Thus, we will have gained a really nice Elbistan'ı mosque . In these studies, with a major contribution and support of the AK Party group vice president, Thank you for all stakeholders, especially Mr. Mahir Ünal, \"he said .


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