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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 10:45

Elderly Man Found Dead in Home in Kula

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District of Manisa Kula resident Muzaffar Sharp ( 65 ) is a citizen , was found dead in his home.

Manisa news: Photo Edinilen event at 22:00 pm , Kenan Evren neighborhood occurred in the 307 street number 22 . Brother Mehmet Keskin ( 62 ) brother Muzaffer Sharp has given notice upon opening the door suspiciously Emergency 155 Police arrive at the scene of the team and was understood to have died penetrates glass shattering .
Brother Mehmet Keskin ; \"My brother Muzaffer Sharp has long been experiencing a heart condition and was being treated . And ask about undergoes next evening is someone who lives alone, I will check the health status. Today again, I came in the same way as the control. I knocked on the door but did not come inside my brother's voice. I wanted to open the door but the door was locked . phoned I did not give him an answer . Disturbance came to my mind and alone I gave the police suspect it may have come anything . police teams came and opened the door breaking the glass . Includes soon as you enter lying on the ground my brother in the living room , we met lifeless body , \"he said . Photo Event place after the review of the review team , sharp's publisher Muzaffer Kula State Hospital morgue removed, launched an investigation into the incident.

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