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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 18:09

Elderly Woman Municipality of Compassion

Elderly Woman Municipality of Compassion
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As a bedridden elderly woman in Balıkesir Municipality and Balıkesir Municipality Sındırgı hand extended.

Balıkesir news:
bayırlı neighborhood of the town of Balikesir Sındırgı alone at home in the living bedridden 85-year-old Farida Akbalık Sındırgı Mayor Ekrem nursing home was placed in the order of slow . Akbalık living alone after his wife died in the street as a result of falling bedridden with hip fracture was noted . Ongoing life of the people of the neighborhood with the help of neighbors upset by this situation Akbalık Sındırgı Municipality has appealed to the Social and Cultural Affairs . The old woman's case was forwarded to the Mayor Ekrem slow . This situation is very sad Chairman Slow, Balikesir Mayor Edip Uğur'l interview results Municipality depends on Ferdowsi Hattatoğl Aged Care home placement were appropriate .
Old woman bayırlı quarter from the neighbors by the tears of peace was sent home . Akbalık before moving to Balıkesir Municipality Chairman Ekrem Slow wanted to see . During a meeting in front of the Municipal Akbalık Slow thanked the President for his help . After a short conversation that took place in front of the Municipal older women , Social and Cultural Affairs and City Council Member Stations Hasan Salih Avci all inspections carried out under the supervision of the elderly after Hattatoğl Ferdowsi was placed in a nursing home .


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