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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 12:39

Elected Deputy Mayor in Yalova

Elected Deputy Mayor in Yalova
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Yalova selection will be refreshed on June 1 , will become acting mayor until the name was determined .

Yalova news: Yalova selection will be refreshed on June 1 , will become acting mayor until the name was determined . 18 votes the AK Party was elected deputy president Omer Aslan .
Yalova City Council, until June 1 , will become acting mayor held an extraordinary meeting to determine the name . Speaking on behalf of the CHP parliamentary group began stretched Şerafettin Steel's speech , his bullying and procedural errors made ​​on the grounds that the AK Party has seen reactions from council members . The CHP, arguing that the candidate has not enacted an undemocratic environment . The AK Party , has nominated Deputy Chairman Omer Aslan . Vice chairman was elected in the third round .
the CHP candidate stickers , blank envelopes in the elections held by secret ballot at the polls was . 2 of 3 majority of Parliament sought 13 votes in the first round of elections is empty , while the AK Party candidate 17 votes Ömer Aslan output. However, from the chest to rise to the first game Recep Tayyip Erdogan ruffled council . CHP members of the prime minister's name written on the blackboard and asked to be shown to the parliamentary ballot . Omar said that the game is invalid Lion , the CHP for the show said they found such a request . Then fly over the Lions , the CHP spokesman Şerafettin Steel went up to the group , by Recep Tayyip Erdogan on invalid ballots showed .
3 to 2 majority in the second round again sought could not be reached . 3rd round of the majority which 18 reached the number Omer Aslan, municipal vice chairman was elected .
Deputy Mayor Omar Lion, \"June 1, until the opposition members and consultations at making our city'll serve . We seat escrow we are . God willing June 1 will be held after the election we will deliver the seat to its rightful owner , \"he said .

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