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  • 25 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 08:25

Electric Solution to Chronic Pain

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Diyarbakır Dicle University Hospital of electricity used in a different application made under torture, this time to regain people's health began to be used.

Diyarbakır Dicle University Hospital of electricity used in a different application made under torture, this time to regain people's health began to be used.
chronic pain is felt at every point of the body by this method can be applied to the place that causes pain by giving low-voltage electrical current that causes pain, nerve conduction is blocked. Dicle University, who was lying in the hospital and seven years since 35-year-old Mr Özaslan with chronic pain from Istanbul to Diyarbakir for surgery Pain Specialist Professor from. Dr.. Özyalçın Solomon, in his statement, which they applied to patients with advanced pain management techniques Spiral Cord Stimulation of the nervous system induced by the application of an end to the pain, he said. Spiral Cord Stimulation and Pain Specialist Professor of providing information about treatment methods. Dr. Solomon Özyalçın,"here today that we have done to the spinal cord chronic pain control aching to place an electrode and battery placement process. These operations in the world in our country for several years the treatment of pain and the latest in treatment as one of the identifiable"he said.
This method, over the age of 18 can be applied to all patients with chronic pain also indicate Dr. Özyalçın, under the SSI patients having to pay any fees, he said. Advanced hospitals in our country, but that Prof continuation of this treatment. Dr.. Of Medicine,"The treatment of the aim of pain transmitting fibers to be placed on an electrode and the battery by means of the pain transmission are suspended. Because this type in our patients now nervous system disorders are a chronic problem, and many therapeutic applications, surgical applications, pharmaceutical applications and conventional treatment In spite of pain Failure to remove these patients' daily life quality hampers. Our aim in these patients pain transmission in a manner to prevent the quality of life is to increase. these surgeries technology devices are used. Electrodes exactly pain transmission play key roles in spinal cord membrane is placed on. 3-4 weeks the patient is checked controls, patients in this treatment availed, it is determined. the patient's pains decrease significantly if they determine that the electrode patient's body to be placed in a battery lifetime become permanent,"he said.
"DİYARBAKİR FIRST were administered twice"
Pain Clinic of Dicle University Faculty Assoc. Dr.. Karaman from the truth of this method is applied for the first time in Diyarbakir said. Karaman,"This application of the refund by the government be a great opportunity. Because these patients and businesses can not do, as well as pain with the effect of repeatedly receive therapy. Buddha both themselves and the government too much financial burden. These applications sick with work, power to turn back activities of daily living participates. further treatment costs will require of opportunities away from this place at both the national economy and as well as the patient's own family contribute to the economy will be. you our patients this application at a private hospital had done was around 50 thousand would have given. hospital conducted in the application of the cost of the entire state are covered by. Patients receiving no compensation from our patients have made application to the treatment of spinal cord batteries,"he said.

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