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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 15:48

Electricity from emo hike Assessment

Electricity from emo hike Assessment
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Chamber of Electrical Engineers (EMO ) Samsun Branch President Mehmet Özdağ the government's electricity price hike holiday gift for a family of four with a monthly electricity expense exceeds 90 pounds , he said.

Samsun news:
electricity price hikes on the announcement, Mehmet Özdağ , \"House of the electricity prices 9 percent will be reflected hike 51.6 percent loss and leakage increases in the cost stemmed from . electricity purchase costs indicating the bare electricity prices available according to the tariff only 5 percent , loss and illegal fee per cent 39.76 has been increased. Thus, loss and leakage of the cost of the unit kilowatt hours of electricity tariff share of housing percent for 11.67 re so 14.97'y far has been upgraded . tariff in the loss and leakage share of low voltage industrial subscribers per cent of 17.73 was up to . the Government's holiday gift electricity hike with a family of 4 monthly electricity costs only 90 pounds exceeded , \"he said .
by EMRA announced new tariffs giving information about Özdağ \"Units per kilowatt-hour for residential electricity prices , energy purchase costs , distribution , transmission, retail services and runaway costs and losses , including the cost 31.05 cents from 28.49 cents , up 9 percent were removed. A family of 4 that the minimum monthly consumption of 230 kilowatt hours , considering the current situation which £ 83.2 bill has increased from TL 90.65 . An increase of $ 07.05 per month , per household annually at least 90 companies will make additional collections . This is about 29 million residential subscribers considering the distribution companies provide the ability to transfer an annual 2 billion 610 million TL . Citizens of this transfer will be made from 1 billion 58 million TL in the cost of losses and leaks , the company unable to meet their targets because of the upgrade is due. Moreover, these calculations are made only for residential consumers on the basis of the transfer of distribution companies is clear that even greater , \"he said .

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